Try Our 5 Hour Spring Special!

$800 for 4 people.  You can bring a 5th or 6th person for just $100 more, each.   March 1 to May 20, 2020.  Add 20% Minimum Deckhand fee still applies.   Book your trip today!

Fast, Easy, Secure, Online Reservations!

Simply fill out the reservation request with the date and time you want, and we will get your trip confirmed.      Book your trip today!

Trusted By Family’s And First Time Anglers!

We earn your trust, one trip, one fish at a time.  Book your trip today!

No Deposits Required!

We only need a credit card number on file to confirm your trip.  We don’t charge any hidden brokers fees.  Book your trip today!

Complimentary Fish Cleaning!

Save .30 cents per pound when we clean your fish.  Your deckhand will clean and bag any fish you catch free of charge.  Book your trip today!

Better Fishing When You Book Direct!

We don’t allow brokers to book our boat.  They rob you of quality, speed, distance offshore and a better fishing trip.  We give you more because we have the fuel to get you where you need to go.  Book your trip today!

Trips To Be Envied!

Taking your family deep sea fishing for the first time, isn’t such an imposition!   Book your trip today!

Fish With Barbless Circle Hooks!

Using Barbless circle hooks helps ensure the fish you release, survive!  They are safe for anglers and kids to use too.  Book your trip today!

Motivated to give you the best fishing experience!

The experiences you receive while fishing with us, will shape who you while moving forward in life.  They are more valuable than any material goods you will ever possess!  Book your trip today!

What Face Will You Make When You’re Fighting A Big Fish?

The expressions on your face is priceless and we aim to catch that special moment for you.   Book your trip today!

Ever Caught a Kingfish?

King Mackerel are a fun fish to catch while trolling to and from the reefs.  They are always in season and are ideal for those who want to keep some fish for dinner.  June through October are best.   Book your trip today!

What Our Family Values Most!

Our relentless attention to every detail and improving the family fishing experience drives us forward!   Book your trip today!

Trips That Captivate, Surprise and Delight

Our fishing trips are special because we make sure you don’t miss a thing.  Book your trip today!

Meet Captain Troy

His grand kids call him “Papa Bear.”  Come see for yourself why families trust this true gentleman.     Book your trip today!

Ever Caught A Mahi Mahi?

During the late summer, Mahi Mahi can be caught while trolling fishing south of Orange Beach on full day trips.  If you are lucky enough to catch one, they are very tasty too!  Book your trip today!

Your Kids Can Drive Our Boat!

Would your kids like to learn how to drive the boat?  Captain Troy encourages you to come up and take the helm (as long as sea conditions are favorable)   Book your trip today!

Escape Ordinary, Cruise The Distraction!

Distraction isn’t about luxury or status, it’s about satisfaction.  Her seamless blend of style, nostalgia and substance, crafted to ensure every fishing trip is something special.   Book your trip today!


Sea A World of Wonder!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart.”
Book your trip today!

Shark Fishing is Exhaustingly Fun!

Want your own big fish story?  On most 6 hour summer/fall charters, someone gets a chance to get a competitive edge over their buddies.  All sharks are photographed and then released.
Book your trip today!

Indulge Yourself

Because you deserve it.  Your family will will always remember the time when you took them to experience a different kind of fishing charter in Orange Beach.
Book your trip today!

Endless Possibilities

You never know what your going to catch while deep sea fishing near Gulf Shores.
Book your trip today!

Dare To Be Different!

Redefining Charter Fishing – One Customer At A Time.   When it comes to deep sea fishing, we encourage you to keep only what you need for a few meals or release them all.  We are fishing for tomorrow.
Book your trip today!

Your Family’s  Safety Matters To Us!

When you bring your family to fish with us, you are with one of the safest boats in town.  With us, “Safety Is No Accident.”    Book your trip today!

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  • Family Fishing
    Family Fishing It's time to put the accelerator down on your imagination and experience a family friendly fishing charter that is available nowhere else. If you want your family to be treated right, look no further. We are here to serve you!...
  • Deep Sea Fishing
    Deep Sea Fishing Escape ordinary and learn how to catch bigger fish on our exclusive half day charter. We will take your family to the best spots and teach you the secret techniques to deep sea fishing and help you land your next trophy fish. ...
  • Trolling Fishing
    Trolling Fishing Is a style of fishing, where we keep the boat moving, dragging baits and lures behind the boat at different depths, distances and speeds, waiting on a fish to strike. Trolling begins in early May and continues through late October each year. ...
  • Light Tackle Fishing
    Light Tackle Fishing On all of our half day trips you will be using NEW light tackle fishing gear that will be the highlight of your family trip. Our tackle is easy to use and ideal for first timers and kids. Remember, "Fishing Light - Get's The Bite®"...

Orange Beach Fishing Charters

Distraction Charters is Orange Beach’s premier six passenger fishing charter.  We offer amazing deep sea fishing experiences that are especially designed for families and first time anglers.  Our beautiful, clean, safe and well maintained charter boat is docked at the Orange Beach Marina, in beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama.  We are just a few minutes boat ride to get to the Gulf of Mexico.   We serve anglers staying in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan and Perdido Key, Florida areas.

Since all of our fishing charters are private, we are able to offer your family something so special, it cannot be found elsewhere in Orange Beach.  You may bring as few as 1 person or a maximum of 6 people with you on your deep sea fishing trip.   Since we are highly specialized in family fishing, we only offer a few different trips like the seasonal 5 hour, most popular 6 hour and full day 10 hour charters.

Please read about us and how we do things different than other charters boats in the area.  Everyone on board our Orange Beach fishing charter is treated with respect, kindness and gentleness at all times and our reputation proves it.  We encourage you to leave nobody behind.   Elderly and those with children with special needs are always welcome on our boat.  Your guides are patient with you and your children while ya’ll are learning to catch fish.  On calm days, we even allow everyone to come up and drive the charter boat.

Being safety conscious deep sea fishing guides and do all we can to ensure nobody gets injured at any time.   Since we only fish offshore or in the gulf waters south of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, we really watch the weather and only go when sea conditions are favorable and safe to fish in.  We want you to have a safe and unforgettable experience and that is what we aim to give you.


Families Love The Distraction Charter Boat

Our Charter Fishing Boat

Our charter boat is big (41′) Hatteras Yacht.  It’s clean, odor-free, well maintained, comfortable, has a private restroom and an air conditioned cabin to get in out of the weather or heat while deep sea fishing.   All of our fishing charter tackle is either new or like new.   Having new and well maintained deep sea fishing equipment, ensures you have the best opportunity to catch bigger fish.

When you catch your first fish, it is important to share the moment with your dad!

Our Charter Fishing Trips

The most popular Orange Beach fishing charter fishing trip we offer is the 6 hour. It offers the right amount of riding and fishing.  For more serious anglers, we offer a 10 hour full day private charters during the off season, that takes you way south of Orange Beach out into federal waters some 30 to 50 miles offshore.    During the peak season for fishing charters in Orange Beach, which runs from May 20 to August 15, we offer two 6 hour trips daily.  These 6 hour trips depart at 6:30 am and at 1 pm.  You have a choice to get up early or let your family sleep in.   Fish bite just as well in the afternoon as they do in the mornings.

Rates, Prices, Fishing Charter Reservations

Our rates and prices are competitive for our size charter boat and with all of the amenities we provide.  Your Orange Beach fishing charter reservations are secure, quick and online.  Unlike many other fishing charters near Gulf Shores, we don’t need an up front deposit from you to hold your spot or confirm your trip.   A simple credit card on file is all you need.  Also, since we book our own fishing trips, there is no middle man taking a cut off the top.  This way, we can give you the best rate and still have the fuel budgeted to get you to where the best deep sea fishing happens, just south of Alabama’s gulf coast.

All of our trips come standard with a fishing license, bait, tackle and complimentary fish cleaning.  You only need to bring your food, beverages and any protective clothing or gear you need.  Please read our policies page so you can get familiar with them.

We Enjoy Seeing The Smiles On Your Faces!

Fish You Can Catch While Deep Sea Fishing

The most common fish we catch while deep sea fishing in Orange Beach are reef fish and migratory fish.  Reef fish inhabit the artificial and natural reefs we have offshore year round. Migratory fish move through usually during the late spring, summer and into the fall when gulf waters are warm.

Reef fish are caught while deep sea fishing or over artificial or man made reefs that are located offshore, where Orange Beach Fishing Charters can easily reach.   These species include species like red snapper, triggerfish, vermilion snapper (beeliners), red porgy (white snapper), scamp grouper, gag grouper, greater amberjack, almaco jacks and many more.  Migratory species are usually caught while trolling fishing.  They include fish like king mackerel (kingfish), spanish mackerel, bonito, wahoo and jack crevalle.

We encourage our guests to keep all the fish they want or need.  However, if you have no plans on keeping and eating any of the fish, we offer “Catch and Release” trips.  We are the first charter boat to have a conservation minded approach to deep sea fishing.  You can read more about your fish here, so you can decide what you want to do with your catch.

  • Children & Kids Fishing
    Imagine finding an offshore fishing guide that specializes in taking kids as young as 4, deep sea fishing. With us, parents can relax and kids can be kids. Families love what we do for them....
  • See Dolphins & Sea Turtles
    We want you to see Wild Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Pelicans and Seagulls while fishing. There is so much more to deep sea fishing and we aim to share it with you....
  • Catch And Release
    Want to catch a lot of fish, but don't want to keep them all? CPR Catch, Photo, Release is very popular on our boat....
  • Shark Fishing
    Want a fishing tale that will impress your friends. On almost every 6 hour charter, somebody has a chance to test their angling skills against one of natures Apex predators. ...

Red Snapper wiggle when you take their picture.

Our Location and Contact Information

Our boat is located at the Orange Beach Marina.

Call me or text Captain Troy anytime at 251-975-8111  We will quickly respond.

Our Business Policy

It is our business policy not to disappoint you.  There are many reasons we can give you so you will never be let down with our service.  As soon as you become a customer, you are welcome to call me at any time.  Also, if you feel like you did not receive exactly what you wanted, I promise to make it right.


Our customers love catching big fish!


Triggerfish are fun to catch. They are usually in season during the spring months of March to May.

Fishing Reports