Our Departure Times

Fishing Trip Departure and Arrival Times


We run a tight schedule to ensure every family maximizes their fishing time.

Our departure times for our fishing trips varies slightly, depending on the time of the year you want to go fishing.  During the early spring and late fall, we have limited amounts of daylight.  For this reason and for safety, we do our best to operate only during daylight hours only.   During the late spring (May), throughout the summer months and early fall (September), we have more than 12 hours of daylight available, which allows us to maximize our fishing time on the water.

During the summer, we offer two 6 hour trips daily.  Upon special request, we will offer you a full day trip.  Just tell us you which trip you want in your reservation request.

Below are our departure times for your fishing trip:   If for some reason we do not have a second trip scheduled for the day you want to go fishing, or the weather or sea conditions are rough, we can sometimes change our departure times to accommodate you.

We offer you almost 20 minutes longer trip than anyone else, at no additional charge.  This is because we give you a safety speech before we depart and don’t count that against your time unless you are late to show up.

June, July, August Trips (Peak Season)

6 Hour Trips Morning (most popular) – Show up at 6:10 am.  Depart at 6:30 am.  Return to dock at 12:30 pm.

6 Hour Trips Afternoon (most popular) – Show up at 12:40 pm.  Depart at 1 pm.  Return at 7:00 pm.

Full day trips depart by 6:00 am/6:30  and return to the dock by 4 or 4:30 pm.

Special Note – When you make your reservation request, we will confirm by email – your actual show up and departure time in that email.    For those of you who are wanting an afternoon trip, and we have not booked the morning trip yet, we will schedule your trip at regular departure times.  However, if for some reason after we confirm your afternoon trip and we do not book a morning trip for the same date, we will offer you a chance to depart earlier than normal.