The Best Seafood Restaurants in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

When it comes to finding the best seafood restaurants around Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Perdido Key,  I want you to experience the best of the best.

Although there are more than a hundred restaurants in our area and all are offering seafood, I will only refer you to places where I have recently been and where I received the best service and a quality meal.   Although some restaurants have breathtaking views that distract you from what is really important, I feel that quality and receiving good service is far more important than quantity.

The seafood restaurants listed on this site, are in my opinion, the best of the best for our area.  There are many more places that I enjoy, but for the sake of not looking like a directory, I am only listing my favorite restaurants.  I have also placed a link to their respective urban spoon® rating and reviews for your convenience.  If you know of a restaurant that is over the top and would meet my criteria of experience seafood, let me know.  I am an adventurous person and would love share it with others.

Captain Troy’s Top Seafood Restaurant Picks:

1.  Fisher’s Restaurant – IMPORTANT -To avoid confusion, there are Two Different Types of Restaurants by the same name at this location.  There is Upstairs and Dockside.  The upstairs is fine dining and the menu is short and everything on it is quality, not quantity.  So, don’t go in there expecting a country buffet or a bunch of fried seafood platters that fill you up with a bunch of breads, starches and batters.  Upstairs is a dining experience that takes you through different courses and exquisite flavors.

Downstairs or Dockside on the other hand, is nothing like the upstairs.  They offer similar seafood and fare that you may find at some of the other good local restaurants in the area, but only better.  Just like upstairs, downstairs is not a buffet.  All of their food is cooked to order and is very good.  The dockside area offers an open air atmosphere downstairs and the food quality is good, but remember,  it is NOT upstairs.

Both restaurants are Located at the 27075 Marina Rd., at the Orange Beach Marina.  It’s where the best charter boats in the area are docked.  This restaurant is the best of the best and continues to amaze me with their menu.  Johnny Fisher is your GM.  He is well known and his reputation in the restaurant industry is extraordinary.  He has managed the famous New Orleans House of Blues and Lulu’s in Gulf Shores for many years.  He is on his own now and has brought with him, Chef Bill who worked for many years for famous TV Chef, Emeril Lagasse in New Orleans.  They bring some of the best recipes to our area for you to try and at a price that will amaze you.    Fisher’s is casual dining in a white tablecloth atmosphere upstairs and a relaxed open breezeway and dockside dining downstairs.  Come as you are and be sure to bring the kids.  Downstairs open for lunch and dinner daily.  Upstairs is only open in the evening, nights or special private catered events.

One of the most amazing restaurants in Orange Beach, Alabama is Fisher's at Orange Beach Marina. Be sure to tell them that Distraction Charters sent you!

One of the most amazing restaurants in Orange Beach, Alabama is Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina. Be sure to tell them that Distraction Charters sent you!

2.  Tin Top Restaurant – (county road 10) at the intersection – 6232 Bon Secour hwy, Bon Secour Alabama 36511 – Phone 251-949-5086.   This restaurant is one my favorites.  They are located out in the country – on county road 10, west of hwy 59 near Gulf Shores.  No reservations allowed – You better get there early.   We have never had anything other than a wonderful experience, professional staff and some really excellent food.  These guys really know what good, quality food is all about!

3.  Fisherman’s Corner – 13486 Perdido Key Dr., Pensacola, Fl. 32507 – Phone 850-791-6914.   This restaurant is located just 10 minutes east of Orange Beach in Innerarity Point (Perdido Key) underneath the bridge.   They have fresh seafood daily an when it’s gone, it’s gone.  The atmosphere is rustic and the building is not fancy.  However, the food is awesome.  Park where you can.

4.  Cosmo’s Restaurant – 25753 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, Al 36561 – Phone 251-948-9663   This restaurant is located in the fish camp landing complex in the heart of Orange Beach.  Their seafood and sushi is pretty incredible.   Cosmo’s is a local favorite.

5.  Big Fish Restaurant Bar – 25814 Canal Rd., Orange Beach, Al 36561 – Phone 251-981-5516.  This restaurant is located in a strip mall on Canal road, but that doesn’t mean a thing.  This restaurant’s outside appearance of being in a strip mall will fool you, but when you walk inside, it’s amazing.  Big Fish is a favorite of locals who like a quality meal and a casual atmosphere.