The Best Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Realtor

The Best Orange Beach – Gulf Shores Realtor

Real Estate Investment Specialists Orange Beach Gulf Shores Alabama

Joseph Frady – Your Trusted Real Estate Agent / Investment Specialist. Photo: Remax Paradise – Call Joseph direct at 251-978-3339

When looking to buy or sell investment property or real estate in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores or Baldwin County, Alabama, it is important to find a TRUSTED agent like Joseph Frady Realtor who is an expert in the local property market and one who is offering to give you Free Investment Advice so you can make an informed decision as to what really going on in the market.   The real estate agent we are talking about is first and foremost different than the rest.   His motivation is to build a relationship with his clients, so he can better understand their investment desires and capabilities.  Only then, he can help prescribe possible solutions to your real estate investment.

When you list your condo or beach house for sale, he already has contacts waiting to buy, which gets your money in your pocket faster than you can imagine.  The agent we are talking about, cares about you enough to shoot straight with you and will guide you in a process that helps you sell or buy the best investment property for you.   This agent understands the trends and knows how to coach you, so you can make the best investment or get the best return on your investment.

Investing With A Real Estate Agent Who Specializes in Buying and Selling Investment Property

The Gulf Shores white sandy beaches, the beautiful water and ample sunshine is a distraction for many potential investors and sellers, but there is some important information you should know before you let your emotions get you into a piece of property that may or may not be right for you.   Choosing the right piece of property in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, in the right location and at the right time, is imperative to insuring your investment grows and gives you the return you desire.  If you get the wrong advice or choose to invest in a piece of property that is in a negative trending area, it could cost you in the long run.  Now, nobody wants that to happen.   That is why it is important to get some free real estate investing advice before you decide to buy or sell your Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Baldwin County property.

Nobody can predict the future, but finding the best real estate agent who will always put your satisfaction before their personal gain is important.

Calling A Trusted Real Estate Agent Beforehand Will Save You Money and Get The Investment Results You Desire

To the untrained eye, one would assume that all real estate brokers and real estate agents know what is really going on with the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach real estate investment market.   If asked, an average real estate agent will tell you “Now is the time to sell,” and those who are wanting you to buy are saying the “Now is the time to buy.”  That is because most agents are only concerned about making the next sale, and not what is necessarily in your best interest.  What is really hard to find, is a real estate agent who specializes in high end real estate investment and will tell you when is the best time to invest or to sell and take the capital gain.

What you need to look for in the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores real estate investment market is a professional investment realtor to take time give you free advice about the pulse of the market, so you can make the best decision for your family or your investment.  Whether you want to be conservative and not pay dime more than appraised value for a piece of investment property or you want to speculate and invest a little bit more, is your decision.   What a free real estate investment agent will do for you, is show you the parameters where you can make your own safe, secure investment decisions so you can make informed decisions.   Their job is to educate you, so you can feel comfortable with your real estate investment decision.   A trusted investment real estate agent will always have your best interest in mind.

Looking For A Good Real Estate Deal In A Sellers Market

If you are selling property, it is important to know what is a realistic asking price or market value of your property is worth, because currently its a sellers market because there are so few high end properties available.   Banks and mortgage companies are only lending dollar amounts based on appraised values.   If you are looking to come in and make a ridiculous offer, thinking the seller might take it, you might be wasting your time.   The only good deals out there are so few and far between, you might end up waiting too long to get invested in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores real estate market.  If you want to hedge a little bit and put some more money down, you might be doing yourself a favor, because since 2008, the market value on properties in the area have continuously been on the rise.  Currently, there is no indication that this positive trend is slowing down.