Why Choose Distraction Fishing Charters!

fishing with kids is fun

We specialize in family fun and love to see your kids faces as they reel in a big fish.

The owner is your captain and he cares if you get the best trip.

Exclusive private charters for up to 6 people.

We give you more fishing, less riding.

New and well maintained fishing tackle.

Children as as young as 3-4 are always welcome.

First charter to specialize in family and kids fishing charters.

We promote keep the best, release the rest.

We give you a choice:  Keep a Few For Dinner or Release Them All.

We offer competitive rates.

We offer complimentary fish cleaning on all trips.

No hidden fees or deposits required.

Tackle, bait and fishing license provided.

Well maintained boat.

Clean private restroom with fresh water toilet.

No television or video games to distract the kids.

Drug and alcohol free captain and crew.

Fully insured and US Coast Guard Licensed.

jack crevalle fish

The fight of a lifetime – Crevalle Jacks are in a class all by themselves

Why Captain Troy

When you choose a fishing charter, you are choosing the captain and crew to take care of you, entertain you and to make sure you get the best fishing trip and experience you can.  Captain Troy is different than any other fishing guides in Orange Beach.  From the moment you make your initial reservation request until the time you step off the boat, you have someone who really cares about you and your family and if you had a good time.

We are in the business of serving people.  To us, there is nothing more important than ensuring that everyone (kids especially) who walks down our dock and steps on our boat, knows how much we care about them.  We don’t just advertise how much we like serving people, we actually live it.  When you meet our crew for the first time, you will breathe a sigh of relief, because you will know you have chosen the right charter company for your family.  We are in the service business and our job is to keep rods bent and line peeling off your reel.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Finding The Right Fishing Charter

One of the biggest challenges we all face as parents and grandparents, is trying to find professionally run, family friendly, safety oriented, hands on activities, where everyone who wants to participate, can do so at their own pace.  When it comes to finding a fishing charter that is “G” rated and family friendly, it is easier than you may think.  Distraction Charters is the first deep sea charter boat to cater only to families and has been doing so since 2002.

Knowing What To Look For In A  Fishing Charter – Getting The Best Deal

One of the things people don’t realize is, finding the right charter boat for your family is easy, once you do some research and know what to look for.  Below, I will give you a few things to consider when booking a fishing charter and how to judge whether or not this charter is professionally run or not. Whether you choose us or not, we want to give you the information that we  have about Orange Beach Fishing Charters, so you will be empowered to make the best choice for your family.  Sure, we want you to choose us, but we do understand that your wants may be more than we are able to provide.

We are highly specialized in family fishing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t catch fish.  We are different than any other charter around because of how are set up as servants / teachers and even though our trips are action packed, you will come away with so much more.   We have no ego and don’t have to bring in coolers full of dead fish in order to sell tomorrows trip.  That is not what we are about.

I hope these tips below, help guide you in and help you choose Distraction for your next family fishing charter.

  • Make sure when you get to your boat, you take a peek a the fishing gear is in good shape and no visible corrosion or discoloration of the fishing reels and the line itself is not faded white (which is an indication that it needs to be replaced).  Some of our reels are expensive and older, but they are all maintained very well.
  • Ask for an inspection of the captains helm area and see if all of the electronics work.  Some boats only have the minimum equipment on board like a compass.   With us, you are welcome to see our three GPS’s, 48 Mile Radar, Auto Pilot, Safety equipment.   You are also welcome to see our engine room to see how we take care of it.  If a captain won’t show you his engine room, he may have something down there he doesn’t want you to see.   We have an open engine room policy where we invite you to look around and ask questions.
  • Picking a charter Because of Price – The cheapest price does not mean Value.  Price shopping can actually get you into more trouble than you can imagine in Orange Beach.  That’s because most charters charge only what they feel they are worth, or are competing with other boats at their marina to get your business.  Some boats charge less because they are small or don’t have air conditioning, which means you will be uncomfortable on hot days or in rough sea conditions.   Also, some captains who charge less, may not fish as much as full time guides and they subsidize their income guiding fishing charters on a part time basis.    Because some boats don’t run full time, there is a likelihood that they will break down more frequently.  It is hard enough to keep a boat that runs full time in good working order.  We can only imagine how hard it is to keep a boat running that sits up all the time.   At Distraction, we fish full time and we charge what it takes to keep our boat and tackle in pristine condition.   It pays off, because we have less down time and fewer disappointments.
  • Booking direct with the Captain – If you are not careful, you could end up calling a charter booking office or using a booking website who knows nothing about what is going on in the fishery or what fish are biting.   All they do is take 15 to 20% fee off the top and give the captain the rest.  This often results in people getting poor results because the captains profit is 15% and if they gave it away to book themselves a trip, they are going to try to stay close and not burn any fuel to get you to where the fish are.   That is why, when you book with the Distraction, you will speak directly with Me, (Capt. Troy) and I will shoot straight with you about what to expect and what is possible.  We don’t pay any booking fees and we burn the fuel to get you to where the fish are.


Family Fishing Means You Get More, Not Less

Family fishing doesn’t mean you get less of a charter trip, it actually means you will get more.  When we say, you get more, it simply means that we give you the personal attention and service that can be found nowhere else.  Our job is to educate, demonstrate and help you learn how to catch saltwater fish all by yourself.  We have a unique ability to take the shyest kids and bring them out of their comfort zone and let them experience things that they might miss if they were fishing with someone else.  We make learning to fish, fun and the kids like how we take them through confidence building steps that will help them the rest of their lives.  The first time anglers who fish with us really appreciate how gentle we are with their family, and for good reason.

When you choose Distraction, you will get a charter crew that really cares if you have a good time and would do nothing to upset or offend you.  Family and kid friendly fishing is our life blood and our passion.  When you choose our services, you will be around a professional crew who always puts your happiness and safety before our personal gain.   We have a vested interest in putting you on fish and serving you well.  When you choose us, you will get a fishing charter that is so valuable, you will not find another one like it elsewhere.

Relax And Let Us Take Calm Your Fears and Anxieties About Deep Sea Fishing

After you book your deep sea fishing trip, you will be able to relax, because you will know exactly what to expect to receive.  That is because, we want what we do for you to be seen from every angle and backed up by hundreds of reviews of satisfied customers.  With us, there are no surprises, no pressure, no up front or non-refundable deposits, no hidden agendas, no surcharges and there is certainly no wasting of your time.  There is only excellent customer service and an honest effort to please your family.


You will love how gentle we are with your family

Our customers tell us all the time that we do the following things for them:

  • We cut through all the buzz words and we clarify what we do for you.  The internet is loaded with websites that are full buzz words that actually make choosing a fishing charter, harder.   Our job is to cut through all the clutter and be honest with you about what to expect.  Since nobody can guarantee you a freezer full of fish due to the regulations and small bag limits, doesn’t it make sense to fish with a company who offers excellent customer service?  All we promise you is, we will be good hosts, provide you with reliable transportation that is clean and well maintained, let you use the best fishing tackle, make our best effort to put you on fish and hopefully make you feel satisfied with your investment after we return to the dock.
  • We give you more fishing time.  People love our fishing trips because we don’t have to stop and get anything, because already have what we need on board.  We have everything, including enough bait and fuel on board, so when you arrive, we can take you straight to the fishing grounds at a fast, but comfortable pace.
  • We will give you value.   With us,  you get a professional photo package, a video of your trip, more fishing time, get to use new or well maintained tackle.  Your mate even offers complimentary fish cleaning of any fish you harvest that are in season.  We do not charge a non-refundable 50% up front deposit like booking agents or marina booking offices do.
  • We give you excellent customer service.  We are are not an alternative to other charters in Orange Beach.  We are different than other fishing charters and offer a level of customer service that nobody really understands until they experience it.  Your captain comes from a corporate banking and logistics background and knows how to treat people with respect.  Your mate is graduating in the summer of 2016 with a degree in elementary education.  They both know how to treat people and kids by making them feel like they matter.  From the moment you arrive until you leave us, we treat you kindness, gentleness, calmness and very professionally.  We even take the time to learn your names and call you by them during the trip.
  • We don’t stress you out, hassle you, give you uncertainties or inconveniences.  We know what you expect and we promise to do everything we can to help you relax and enjoy your time on the water.  We understand that you don’t do this every day and we don’t expect you to know everything about charter or deep sea fishing.  That is why we take the time to educate you and your family on how to use the tackle and then allow you participate at your own pace.  We are calm and gentle with you at all times.
  • We give you Nostalgia.  Our boat is older, but she is newly restored, clean, with new engines, generator, safety system, etc.   She is a Hatteras and when on board, you will go back in time of the early days offshore fishing when life was simple and life was good.  Ernest Hemingway would have loved our boat.

Families Love The Distraction Charter Boat

  • We will always put your happiness and safety before our personal gain.   There is nothing more peaceful than knowing you have nothing to worry about except showing up and being ready to have a good deep sea fishing experience.  If for some reason we feel that the sea conditions or weather might be questionable, we will communicate with you and explain why we are being cautious with your family.  There is nothing more important than communicating with our guests and not taking chances or risk getting someone hurt or making them miserable.
Customer Google Review proving that we will always put your happiness and safety before our personal gain.

Actual Review proving that we will always put your happiness and safety before our personal gain.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.  We can’t control the weather, the sea conditions or what fish you will be able to catch or keep, but we do control how well we treat you.  If for some reason you are not fully satisfied with the service you receive, let me know immediately and we will make it right.

Why we care so much about you!

President Reagan said that he had rather experience it once, instead of hearing it a thousand times.  Caring about you is our nature.  It’s how we live.  It is who we are.   It all goes back to the way we were raised.  Also, my wife told me some 30 plus years ago that talk is cheap and that anyone can tell you they care about you.  If you really want to let someone know you care about them, you have to show them.

Come let us show you how much we care about you!