Your Mate

Your Mate and Deckhand

best deckhand in orange beach

Sam is here to serve you!

Your mate and deckhand on the Distraction is Sam McClaren.  Sam is from Tallahassee, Florida.   He is married, has a new daughter and loves to see kids catch their first fish.

He is a soft spoken young man who has a wealth of information about deep sea fishing to share with your family and kids.  He doesn’t mind you or your kids asking him a million questions either.

What You Need To Know About Our Deckhand

What you need to know is, the deckhand or mate on the charter boat is the person who will be interacting with you the most.  It is they who answer questions, help you bait your hook, maintain the fishing tackle, keep everything clean and most importantly – keep you safe.  Your deckhand is the one who assists and teaches you how to hold your pole and learn how to catch those fish.   Even though Captain Troy interacts with you frequently, ultimately it is the deckhand who really makes your fishing trip a success.

When it comes to hiring mates and deckhands, Distraction Charters is not like other fishing charters in Orange Beach.  That is because we do not hire people who simply need a job.  We believe that if you hire people who only need a job, they will only work for money.   To us, that does not make a good employee.  Instead, we hire deckhands that believe in what we believe in.  They think the same we we do when it comes to providing the best service in the industry.  We have all heard “If you find a job you love, you will never work another day.”  That is true with us.  Our employees feel the same way we do when it comes to family’s, customer service, conservation and education.  They care if you have a good time.