Using A Net Shows Respect For Fish

Using A Net To Land Big Fish Shows Respect

One of the best ways to land big fish with families on board is to use a big net.  Using a big cumbersome net is not the easiest way to land a fish when everyone is busy fishing, but it is the right thing to do if you care about the big fish you are trying to land.  Using a net shows the respect a fishing guide has for the fish and it keeps the fish calm when lifting it out of the water.  The net supports the entire weight of the fish and most fish don’t flop around very much when netted.  From a safety perspective, when a fish is supported by the net, they are less likely to flop around and slap someone with their tale, fin someone or even bite them.   One of the best reasons for using a net is it gives us a chance to safely pull the fish on board where we can measure it, photograph it and give you a chance to decide if the fish is in season, if you want to harvest the fish or let it go.  We want you to know how we do things on our boat, so you will know what kind of people you are fishing with and what kind of environment you will be in when you have your family on board.    We always treat fish humanely, and that’s a promise.

There are some species of fish that move very quickly and are hard to land using a net.  We use other humane ways to land them if the customer knows they want to harvest them.