Our Fishing Trips

Our Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Our fishing trips are for fun and entertaining for the entire family.  If you allow us to serve you, you will have bent poles, smiling faces and some memories that will last a lifetime.

If keeping a limit of fish of any species is important to you, you need to budget for a full day trip and book your trip for when those fish are in season.   A half day trip during the beginning in June, the first month of red snapper season you may catch a mess, if you work hard and everyone participates (and the fish cooperate).  However, if you come during the second week of June or during July or August, you may catch a few for dinner.  You will catch a lot of smaller fish, but they will likely be too small to harvest.   This is due in part to too much fishing pressure in the areas close to shore.

Unforgettable Fishing Trips:

Premium 6 Hour – The value is we run faster and go farther.  Your buying the fuel it takes to get you out there.  This trip budgets for more fuel and gets you two hours offshore or to deeper water than the regular 6 hour trip.  Premium takes you a little farther offshore or about 1 hour and 45 minute ride before we start fishing.  We take you farther offshore to some better private fishing reefs that have not seen as much fishing pressure as closer reefs.  We drag lures and lines going to and from the fishing grounds at a higher rate of speed than the regular 6 hour.  When we stop, everyone holds their poles and fishes.  We fish a little differently on this trip than we do the regular 6 hour trip.  We use bigger baits and try and catch bigger fish.  Sometimes they bite/sometimes they don’t.  It’s still a 6 hour trip.  We give you our best effort no matter what.   We bait your hook and remove any fish you catch.    It is about a 2 hour ride back home.  (Remember, we are running at a faster speed, so time may be the same, but the distance we take you offshore is farther than the regular trip.

6 Hour Regular –   This trip is fun, but we don’t run fast or hard.  Normally we stay within 15 miles of shore.  We drag lures and lines going to and from the fishing grounds.  When we stop the boat and hover over the reef, everyone holds their poles and fishes beneath the boat.  We bait your hook and remove any fish you catch.   This trip gives you a little better fishing trip than the 5 hour spring special.  It is about a 2 hour ride back home.   There are a lot of fish in this area.  Depending on the time of the season (how long the season has been open for like red snapper), larger fish get educated and can be harder to catch.  So, if you are looking to keep a limit of fish, you might need to consider investing in a full day trip.  This gives us more time.  Overall, the 6 hour trip is full of fun and you should catch a lot of fish (if you participate).

During other times of the year like spring or late fall, we may only have time for a single half day trip.   We care about safety and want to keep you fishing in daylight hours only.  Be sure to read our page named what to expect while charter fishing.  It has a lot of information on it.


The half day trip is perfect for families and first timers.

The best trip for families and first time anglers is the half day 6 hour trip.   Due to seasonal closures on fish species like red snapper, triggerfish are most common.   If you catch a greater amberjack, you may not be able to keep any or all of the fish you catch.

There are very few, legal size greater amberjack within 40 miles of land.   Gag grouper  are possible on full day trips only or beyond 40 miles.   If you catch an amberjack or grouper on a half day trip, they are often very small or under sized.   They do put up one heck of a fight though.  If you want to catch larger fish, you usually have to go way offshore in the full day territory.     This half day trip is the trip that made our business what it is today!

General Information About Our Trips

The half day fishing trip is our cornerstone trip.   During the summer months of Memorial Day to Labor Day, we offer two fishing trips daily.   These trips are ideal for those who have never been fishing before or who are short on time or have not budgeted for a longer more in depth, all day trip.   These fishing trips offer a little education, a little bit of bottom fishing and a little bit of trolling before it is time to head back to the dock in hand with a lot a memories and possibly a few fish for supper.   We usually catch a lot of fish on these trips, but because of regulations and short seasons, most of these trips catches are released after being photographed.




taking the family fishing is fun while in orange beach

Taking the family fishing is fun while in Orange Beach


Sometimes when the water is warm and we come across some sargassum weed or a rip line, we can find dolphin fish swimming around.  Any floating debris we find may hold these beautiful fish.

Learning to Jig for big amberjack can be exhaustingly rewarding.

Learning to Jig for big amberjack can be exhaustingly rewarding on our longer full day trips.  You have to be real lucky to get one of these big fish to the boat using light tackle.