Private Fishing Charter Prices

The Fishing Trips We Offer Are:  1/4 Day, 1/2 Day and Full Day.

1/4 Day Fall Special Fishing Trip – $900 plus $200 cash deckhand fee/tip.   Trip runs from 6:30 am to 10:20 am   (Fall/Spring only)

This is our Fall and Spring Featured Fishing trip.   Not available during the summer months.   The 1/4 day fishing trip may be just what you need if you want to have some fun and pull on some fish.   We high speed troll out about 6 -7 miles and let you catch bottom fish.   These trips are entry level but can be full of action.  You may or may not catch fish to eat due to seasons and our proximity to shore.  (This is not a red snapper trip)

Fall Special Half Day or 5 Hour – Is $1,000 plus $225 minimum cash for deckhand fee.

This is our fall half day special 5 hour trip.  This trip is only available during fall and winter months.   We take you up to 12 miles offshore and let you fish for reef fish like red snapper, vermilion snapper, triggerfish, etc.   This is a fun trip and idea for those who want to bottom fish and have some fun.  (This is not a guaranteed red snapper trip)

Most Popular Regular Half Day -$1300 – plus $250 minimum Cash deckhand fee/tip.   6:30 am to 11:50 am. or 12:10 pm to 6 pm.

(Up to 15 Miles Offshore.) (Best Value, Most Popular)   We depart at 6:10 and return at 12:00 or Depart on afternoon trips at 12:10 pm and return around 6 pm during the summer months.  This trip is designed for family’s with kids who have never been fishing before. The intent of these trips is to have fun and catch what fish are biting.  We high speed or low speed troll too while heading offshore and then deep sea fish over reefs.  If the fish you catch is legal size and in season, you are welcome to keep them. (When red snapper is in season during the fall 2021 October 15 to November 5, we target red snapper)

Premium Half Day (Faster-Farther) $1,500 – plus $300 minimum Cash deckhand fee.   Departs at 6:10 am to 12 pm. or 12:10 pm to 6 pm.

Weather and Seas Permitting – (16 to 22 Miles Offshore) (We run Faster and Farther) We depart at 6:10 and return at 12:00 or Depart at 12:10 pm and return around 6 pm during the summer months.  On this trip, you are buying fuel so we can get you where we need to go in a short amount of time.   This trip is fun for all ages.   This is a half day trip, not a meat haul, limit out trip or freezer filler.  If you want a chance to catch more fish to eat, you need to book a full day trip


Paying with A Credit Card Fee COSTS EXTRA

There is a $25 Fee added to the price of 1/4 day and Half Day trips.

Complimentary Fish Cleaning and Bagging

This saves you $.30 cents per pound whole weight.    Your fish are prepared boneless, not bone free.    Your mate knocks the filets off and bags them.   He does not prepare each filet for consumption.   If you want something special done with your filet’s, please talk to him prior to unloading your fish for the day.  During the busy summer months, he does not have enough time to cut out every little bone.

What Is All Included:

Excellent customer service, well maintained boat, new or well maintained fishing tackle, cut and or live bait and your fishing license.  You may want to see what to bring with you.

Paying For Your Fishing Trip:

No Deposits or Up Front Money:  We never ask for a deposit or have you pay money up front.  All we need to confirm your reservation is to fill out a request and include a credit card number.    No money will be charged to your card during this process.

Paying For Your Trip:   Please bring your form of payment (credit card or cash) with you on the day of your fishing charter.    Remember, you will need to have cash only for the deckhand and pay him separately – after the trip.

Tipping The Captain:  Tipping the captain is not necessary, but is always appreciated.

Cancellations:   You can cancel up to 7 days in advance with no penalty.  If you do not show up, you will be charged the full amount.   You must send cancellation notice in writing via email and I must respond to you.

Make your fishing reservation!