2022 Private Fishing Charter Prices – 6 Passengers Maximum

Regular Half Day  Deep Sea – $1,400 plus $300 Minimum Cash Tip For Mate (Slow Trolling and Some Bottom Fishing)   Summer Schedule 6:15 am to 12:00 pm and 12:10 pm to 6 pm.    Show up 15 min early.

Most Popular – Premium Half Day Deep Sea – $1,550 plus $350 Minimum Cash Tip For Mate (Go Farther, Run Faster, Use Some Big Live Baits)  Summer Schedule 6:10 am to 12:00 pm and 12:15 pm to 6 pm.    Show up 15 min early.

Full Day $2,900 plus $100 Fuel Surcharge, Plus $600 Minimum Cash Tip For Mate    Summer Schedule 6:15 am to 4:00 pm.    Show up 15 min early at the boat.

4 Hour Trolling Trip (Afternoon Only) – $1,200 plus $250 Minimum Cash Tip For Mate.   Departs at 12:15 to 4 pm.   Show up 15 min early behind dock store.

Credit card Processing Fee: Short Trip $25,  1/2 day trip $50, Full Day $100.



Benefits Of Booking Directly With Us:

No Up Front or Non-Refundable Deposit or Hidden Commission To Book Your Trip!  You Pay The Day Of Your Trip!

No Fuel Surcharge on half day trips or shorter!  Full Day Trip is $100 extra.

No Hidden Fees That Surprise You At The End Of Your Trip!

Free Fish Cleaning!  This saves you $$$$  (fish are boneless, not bone free)

No Cancellation Fee – If You Cancel 8 Days Or More Out!

Best Rates In Town – No Online Foreign Brokers Skimming 20% to 30% Off The Top!


What you need to bring with you to the boat:

You may want to see what to bring with you.

Paying For Your Fishing Trip:

Paying For Your Trip:  Because we don’t take deposits, you are expected to pay for the trip in its entirety on the day of the trip.   Please bring your form of payment (credit card or cash) with you to the boat on the day of your fishing charter.  (You can pay with a different card than you reserved the trip with).   Remember, you will need to have cash only for the deckhand and pay him separately – after the trip.  You may tip him on top of his fee if you like and he does a good job for you.

Tipping The Captain:  Tipping the captain is not necessary, but is always appreciated.

Cancellations:   You can cancel up to 8 days in advance with no penalty.  Within 7 days, you will owe 50% of the price of the trip, plus deckhand fee.   You must send cancellation notice in writing via email and I must respond to you before your trip is canceled.

Make your fishing reservation!