Private Trip Rates and Prices

10 Hour Full Day- $2,900 cash/$3,000 credit, Plus $600-$700 Cash Only For Mate

6 Hour Premium -Faster Farther – $1,750 cash/$1,800 credit, Plus $350-$375 Cash Only For Mate.   Very Popular

6 Hour Family Fun Trip – $1,450 cash/$1,500 credit, Plus $300-$325 Cash Only For Mate.


The price is for 1 to 6 passengers for a private trip.  The cost is the same for 1 person as it is for 6 passengers.  We cannot carry more than 6 people, regardless of their age and or participation.   (Sorry, we do not put you together with other groups)


The Difference In Our Trips Explained:

***All of our trips are educational, fun and full of action.  We answer questions and explain what we are doing.  Best of all, we explain WHY we do things the way we do.  This is valuable.

10 Hour Trip Of A Lifetime– This trip gives you a well rounded full day experience.  We go 30 to 40 miles offshore and fish both shallow and deeper waters.   You have double the fishing time on this trip than shorter trips.  We high speed troll for wahoo, mackerel and bonito going to and from the fishing grounds.  We also bottom fish over artificial reefs and some deep water rock formations for red snapper, grouper, triggerfish, mangrove snapper, vermilion snapper, red porgy.   Remember, 10 hour trips are designed for fun and offer a lot of diversity in fish species.   As with any fishing, this does not mean the fish are larger or you will catch a cooler full.

6 Hour Premium  (Better Experience) (Faster/Farther)  This trip gives you the same amount of fishing time as our regular 6 hour, but we run faster and go farther away from shore before we start fishing.   This trip budgets for more fuel we have to burn to get out to the artificial reefs.  We fish for and catch some bigger live baits, use heavier tackle, try to catch bigger fish.   As with any fishing, we don’t control how they bite.  However, we do fish differently than we do on the regular 6 hour trip.   This trip is totally worth it when the big one starts pulling drag and your rod starts screaming.   As with any fishing trip, this does not mean the larger fish are going to bite or you will catch a cooler full.  These trips are really fun for first timers and family’s.  As with any trip, we do not guarantee you will catch a limit of any species.

6 Hour Regular  – (Very Popular) This trip slow trolls out to the artificial reefs trying to catch king mackerel, bonito and spanish mackerel, etc.  We ride out 10 to 16 miles offshore and start bottom fishing.  Everyone holds a pole when we stop the boat and drop your baits down to where the fish are located.  We let you catch fish until your tired or they stop feeding.   These trips are a lot of fun and keep children interested.   As long as the fish are biting, we let you catch them.    As with any trip, we do not guarantee you will catch a limit of any species.



  1. No Up Front Deposit Required – A credit card is required to hold your date.  Pay the day of your trip.
  2. We offer a cash discount of either $50 for 6 hour trips or $100 for 10 hour trips.
  3. We do not use or allow big internet brokers (both foreign and domestic) to book our boat.  This saves you 20 to 30% of price of the charter with non refundable commissions.
  4. We offer Free Fish Cleaning and Bagging (others charge 30 cents a pound)
  5. All bait and tackle is provided
  6. Your fishing license is included
  7. You are welcome to bring your cell phone and take pictures of your catch (many competitors lock you phone up in a bag and will not return them until the end of the trip.)
  8. Your captain and mate are very professional, educational and full of hospitality and will learn your names and call you by them.
  9. We are the only charter that allows you and your kids to come upstairs to look around, drive the boat and press some pretty cool buttons.
  10. The price you pay is for up to 6 people maximum.  Many charters have a base rate, then have a 10% multiplier fee for extra people.



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