Private Fishing Charter Prices 

When you invest in one of our fishing trips, your family will be receiving  a service and an experience so valuable, it cannot be found elsewhere.  We guarantee it!

4 Hour Fall Special Trolling Trip (August 15 to October 31) – Base Price is $800 Cash/$825 Credit.  No Fuel Surcharge.   Add $200 Cash fee for the deckhand fee.  We troll lures and baits just offshore trying to catch spanish, king mackerel, bonito, etc.

6 Hour Fall Special (August 15 to October 31)- Base Price Cash $1,350/$1400 Credit, No Fuel Surcharge.  There is a $300 cash tip For Mate.  This trip keeps you within 12 miles of shore.  We slow troll out and bottom fish.

Premium 6 Hour  (Most Popular) Half Day Deep Sea Fishing – $1,600 Cash or $1650 Credit – plus a Fuel Surcharge (see fuel surcharge chart below).   Add $350/$400 Cash fee for the Deckhand.   Gets you up to 20 miles offshore maximum with the same amount of fishing trip as our regular 6 hour.  We fish using different techniques.

8 Hour Fall Special (August 15 to October 31) – Base Price is $1,700 Cash/$1750 Credit Plus Fuel Surcharge.  The cash tip for the deckhand is $400 to $450.  This trip gets you out farther or up to 28 miles.  We try and catch more fish to eat like vermilion snapper and white snapper.

10 HourFull Day.  Base Cash Price  $2,200 Cash/$2,300 Credit plus Fuel Surcharge (see fuel surcharge below). Add $500 Minimum Cash Tip For Mate.   This trip we go out beyond 30 miles.  We try and catch reef fish and trolling fish.

Fuel Surcharge:

A Fuel Surcharge (FSC) is a fair way to pass on unforeseen costs to a business to consumers.  This is long and very common fee in the transportation industry.  When we set our price at the beginning of each year, we try and be fair.  This year, fuel was $2.42 a gallon.  Since the price of fuel fluctuates on a daily basis, the fairest way for us to not lose money is to add a fuel surcharge.  On the day of your trip, we will look at the price of fuel on our marina pump and then add the amount below to your trip base price.  If fuel comes below $2.99 per gallon, there will be no fuel surcharge.   Many fishing charters along the coast have always charged a boat fee, plus fuel.  A fuel surcharge is the fairest way to pass on this fluctuating costs.   Businesses who don’t charge a FSC, don’t have enough revenue to stay in business.

Pump price $5.00 to $6.50 or higher per gallon is additional $100 FSC.

Pump Price $4.00 to $4.99 is $50 additional.

Pump Price $3.00 to $3.99 is $25 additional FSC.


Benefits Of Booking Directly With Us:

The owner of the boat is your captain.   This is important.  When a captain owns and runs their own boat, you can rest assured knowing that they are giving you their best.

No Up Front or Non-Refundable Deposit or Hidden Commission To Book Your Trip!  You Pay The Day Of Your Trip!

No Hidden Fees, taxes, fish cleaning – That Surprise You At The End Of Your Trip!

Free Fish Cleaning!  This saves you $$$$  (cleaned fish are boneless, not bone free)

No Cancellation Fee – If You Cancel 8 Days Or More Out!

Best Rates In Town – No Online Foreign Brokers Skimming 20% to 30% Off The Top!


What you need to bring with you to the boat:

You may want to see what to bring with you.

Paying For Your Fishing Trip:

Paying For Your Trip:  Because we don’t take deposits, you are expected to pay for the trip in its entirety on the day of the trip.   Please bring your form of payment (credit card or cash) with you to the boat on the day of your fishing charter.  (You can pay with a different card than you reserved the trip with).   Remember, you will need to have cash only for the deckhand and pay him separately – after the trip.  You may tip him on top of his fee if you like and he does a good job for you.

Tipping The Captain:  Tipping the captain is not necessary, but is always appreciated.

Cancellations:   You can cancel up to 8 days in advance with no penalty.  Within 7 days, you will owe 50% of the price of the trip, plus deckhand fee.   You must send cancellation notice in writing via email and I must respond to you before your trip is canceled.

COVID19 – We are sorry if someone in your group comes down with or tests positive for covid 19.  However, this is something out of everyone’s control and is serious.  We reserve the right to charge you the full amount of your trip if you cancel/test positive within 8 days of your trip and are unable to go fishing on your scheduled date.   We are not jerks but this is how we feed our family.  We will do all we can to try and re book your date.  If we are successful in finding someone to take your place, you will not be asked to honor your commitment.

Make your fishing reservation!