2024 Rates and Prices

 6 Hour Premium is Our Most Popular Trip – Run Faster and Go Farther offshore – $1,850 PLUS at least $375-400 Cash Only For Deckhand fee.   (see below for details)  6 Passengers Maximum.

6 Hour Regular Family Fun Trip – $1,600 PLUS at least $300 Cash Only For Deckhand fee.  6 Passengers Maximum.

Full Day “Make It Happen” Fun Trip$3,700 Summer Rate, PLUS at Least $700-$800 Cash Only For Deckhand fee plus tip.   Spring/Fall Rate is $3,000 plus $600 for the mate.  6 Passengers Maximum.


Featured Spring Trips

(March 1 to May 20)  (August 25 to October 31)

5 hour (4 people) Special  $1,000 Cash or Credit, Plus at least $220 cash only for the deckhand fee plus tip.   This trip is designed to have fun and tug on some fish.  Some you may be able to keep if they are in season.   Your rods will be bent for sure on this trip.  You may add a 5th and 6th angler for $100 each plus $20 cash tip each.

8 Hour Special 6 people – $2,000 Cash or Credit, Plus at least $400 Cash for the deckhand fee or tip.  This trip is popular in the off season because it allows us to give you more fishing time and a chance to catch a good mess to eat or take home farther offshore.   Shorter trips don’t offer as much fishing time.

Possible Fuel Surcharge

A small fuel surcharge may be implemented if our marina diesel fuel goes up any higher.


The Difference In Our Trips Explained:

6 Hour Premium  (Better Experience) (Faster/Farther)  This trip gives you the same amount of deep sea bottom fishing time as our regular 6 hour, but we run faster and go farther away from shore.   This trip budgets for more fuel we have to burn to get out to the artificial reefs.  We also try and get farther offshore where fishing pressure is less and the bite is sometimes better.   We do try to catch bigger fish, but it’s still a 6 hour trip.  Expect to have a lot of fun.

6 Hour Regular Family Fun  – (Very Popular) This trip gives you a mixture of trolling and deep sea fishing closer to shore than our premium trip.   We fish closer in reefs and keep you poles bent and smiles on your faces.   We fish closer to shore or within 12-15 miles and don’t run as fast as we do on premium 6 hour trips.

Full Day Trips – These trips are ideal for those who want to try and catch more species or a variety of species.  We begin fishing about 25 plus miles offshore and end up around 35-45 miles (depending on the bite).   The ride is about 2 – 2.5 hours out and 3 – 3.5 hours ride home.   During the fall of the year, we move toward more natural bottom and target other species than red snapper and triggerfish.  Some fish on full day trips can be larger, taste better and pull harder than others.  Remember, these fish are highly regulated and each species may or may not be in season or able to be harvested.  Therefore, they must be released.  (This is not a blue water, oil rig, tuna or marlin trip)   Off season trips are 10 hours maximum.   Summer trips allow more daylight and fishing time than off season trips.



  1. No – Up Front Deposit Required – Like a hotel, a credit card is required to hold your date.  Bring your card and Pay the day of your trip.   We do not place a hold on any amount on your credit card.    We have a 7 day cancellation policy.
  2. We do not allow big internet brokers or other websites to book our boat.  This saves you 20 to 30% of price of the charter.  Brokers have non- refundable commissions disguised as a deposit   One broker charges you a TAX.   Just so you will know, there are no Taxes in charter fishing trips.
  3. We offer Free Fish Cleaning and Bagging (others charge 30 cents a pound and they don’t have scales to verify the weight)
  4. We bait your hook so you don’t get messy fingers.  All bait and tackle is provided
  5. Your fishing license is included for everyone.
  6. You are welcome to bring your cell phone and take pictures of your catch (many competitors lock you phone up in a bag and will not return them until the end of the trip.)
  7. Your captain and mate are very professional, educational and full of hospitality and will learn your names and call you by them.
  8. We allow you and your kids to come upstairs to look around, drive the boat and press some pretty cool electronics. (as long as sea conditions permit it)
  9. The price you pay is for up to 6 people maximum.   Trip rates are for the same for 1 person as it is for 6 (our maximum).
  10.  WE DO NOT charge you a 3.5% credit card processing fee on top of the trip price.



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