Trip Prices and Rates


Most Popular “Regular 6 Hour” – $1250.00 Cash/$1,300 Credit  + ($250 minimum Cash for Deckhand plus tip)

(Up to 15 Miles Offshore.) (Best Value, Most Popular)    This trip is designed for family’s with kids.  We keep your rods bent and your family reeling.  The intent of these trips is to have fun.  If the fish you catch is legal size and in season, you are welcome to keep them.

6 Hour Premium (Faster-Farther) $1,500.00 Cash/$1,550 Credit + ($300 minimum Cash For Deckhand plus tip)

(16 to 22-25 Miles Offshore) (We run Faster and Farther) (Better opportunity to catch more varieties of fish like vermilion snapper, white snapper,etc)  On this trip, you are buying fuel so we can get you where we need to go in a short amount of time.   This trip is fun for all ages.   This is not a meat haul, limit out trip or freezer filler.

10 Hour Premium $2,600 Cash/$2,650 Credit + ($500 minimum Cash For Mate plus tip)

(Up to 30-40 miles offshore) (These trips get you out there where you have a chance to catch species more species of fish)  (This can yield you a lot of fish to take home though if everyone participates and the fish are biting) – It is fun and allows you to possibly catch larger fish than just red snapper and triggerfish)

How We Do Things

No Deposits or Up Front Money:  We never ask for a deposit or have you pay money up front.  All we need to confirm your reservation is to fill out a request and include a credit card number.    No money will be charged to your card during this process.   We don’t allow brokers to book us.   Brokers charge non-refundable deposits – that is how they get paid.

Paying For Your Trip:   Please bring your form of payment (credit card or cash) with you on the day of your fishing charter.    Remember, you will need to have cash only for the deckhand and pay him separately – after the trip.

Discounts –  We offer $50 off any charter if you pay cash.   The rates above are a cash and credit price.

Fuel Surcharge – There is a $25 fuel surcharge already included in the price of your trip.

Tipping The Captain:  Tipping the captain is not necessary, but is always appreciated.

Tipping the deckhand:  Tipping the deckhand above his minimum fee listed above is always appreciated.  On a 6 hour trip, he usually is paid around $300 max.

What Is All Included:  Excellent customer service, well maintained boat, new or well maintained fishing tackle, cut and or live bait, fishing license.

Savings – Complimentary Fish Cleaning:  Because we clean your fish for FREE, this saves you .30 cents a pound

Cancellations:   You can cancel up to 7 days in advance with no penalty.  If you do not show up, you will be charged the full amount.   You must send cancellation notice in writing or text message me 251.975.8111 so I can update the calendar.


Why Our Prices Are What They Are:

Due to damage caused by Hurricane Sally, our marina raised our slip rent/storage shed an additional $4,600 per year to cover their expenses caused by storm damage and in increase in their insurance costs.   Because so many boats (not ours) were damaged by Hurricane Sally,  our charter boat insurance provider doubled our premium and is now an additional $4,000 per year.   Fuel went up $1.26 cents per gallon since January 2021.  Since fuel is our largest expense, we have to budget for it or we can’t get you where you need to go to catch quality fish.   Boats that don’t raise their prices to cover expenses, can’t maintain their vessels properly.  They can’t keep their tackle in new or well maintained condition.  Nor can they keep good employees or deckhands on staff.

How we are helping you save money and offer you value:

We don’t allow a broker to book our boat like most of all of our competitors do.  Brokers take an additional 15% to 20% off the top.  We also run our own boat.  This saves 25% off the top.  Captains that own and run their own boats have a vested interest in you having a better fishing trip.

Charters that don’t cover their unforeseen expenses, have to pay brokers and pay for hire captains, don’t have the revenue to give you their best.  Their only solution is to pull back on the throttles in hopes of saving a few pennies on fuel.  We don’t cut corners or play games with you.   We know what it takes to give you our best and we give it.

We hope you will allow us to serve your family this year.  We promise to do our best to give you the fishing charter you expect and deserve.


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