Distraction Charters New Fish Seasoning Arrives

Captain Troy’s Best Fish and Seafood Seasoning

Captain Troy’s Distraction Charters new fish seasoning arrives in Orange Beach just in time for the summer fishing season.  This new blend of herbs and spices are sure to make your next fish and seafood platter the best.

We took our fish and seafood seasoning and reduced the salt content by 25% so the essence would come out and make the fish taste better.   It is also great on vegetables and used in sour cream based dips and sauces.

This seasoning is available will begin shipping out on June 1, 2015.  If you want to try the captain Troy’s Distraction Charters fish seasoning,  please visit us online and order it direct from us.  This will be available in limited quantities at local groceries only and not in large chains.  We proudly support family owned small businesses and communities.

This product makes for an ideal gift for the griller in your family.

captain troy's distraction charters fish seasoning

This perfectly balanced fish seasoning makes all seafood taste great