Mahi Mahi Sport Fishing Fun

Fishing Rips Yield Mahi Mahi in Orange Beach

One of the best things about fishing during the summer months in Orange Beach is the abundance of migratory or pelagic fish like mahi mahi or dorado.  These warm days and water temperatures in the 80’s, brings all of the fish closer to shore.  Today was the first day we came across a weed line or a large patch of sargassum weed floating on the surface.  We were headed offshore and off to our left, we saw calm water with breaking water all around.  I knew this meant there was a weed like or a tide line nearby.  Upon approaching the area, I noticed there was about a 100 yard stretch of grass in a straight line.  I kept the high speed troller out and we slowed the boat down and dragged our lures near the grass while fishing.  It did not take long before we got a strike from a nice mahi mahi.  After we got the fish in the boat, we reeled in our trollers and eased the boat up beside the matt of seaweed.   Down in the water, I saw a large school of dolphin, dorado or mahi mahi swimming below.  Stephen quickly took the leads off everyone’s line and left a single hook ready to be baited with some cut minnows.   After we got everyone rigged, we began dropping the lines below the boat.  It did not take long before the first mahi was on.   We had our angler reel the fish up to the boat, but we had him leave it in the water until another one was on the line.  It did not take long before our second fish was on.  It was at that time, our first angler pulled his fish out of the water and was able to re bait his hook and cast again.  We repeated this process for about 45 minutes and it was the best time we have had in a long time.  We had action shots with our camera and one by one, our anglers reeled them in.  This was a day to remember.   This event does not happen every day or every week.  However, when the planets align themselves and the weed lines are present, we will promise to stop and see if we can hook you up on a mahi mahi for yourself.  When they are biting, this is more fun than you can ever imagine.

Hope to see you this summer.