Family Fishing

Family Fishing Charters in Orange Beach

Family friendly fishing charters are those trips that are suitable for every member of the family.   Being the first fishing charter to specialize in family fishing in 2002, is very special to us.

We are professional guides and we treat your family with respect at all times.  We don’t expect you to know anything about deep sea fishing.  Because we care if you have a good experience, it’s OK to ask us a million questions.  Our job is to serve you, educate your family and help you learn how to catch fish.

We are laid back, gentle and have a lot of patience with first timers and kids.  You don’t have to worry about hearing any offensive comments or language on board our boat.   If your kids get sleepy, we can lay them down for a nap.  We want everyone in the family to be included in the fishing trip and get the most from the experience.

Get The Best Family Fishing Trip

Let me assure you one thing, family fishing is not any lesser of a trip.  In fact, it’s a better trip than you will find anywhere.  We take you to catch quality fish and offer a premium service that has yet to be duplicated anywhere near Orange Beach, Alabama.

Families are are our target audience because that is who we are and what we enjoy doing.  We are family men who come from professional backgrounds and know how to be respectful, courteous, safe and fun.  When you choose us, we will take you to catch the same or better fish than most other boats who are on similar length trips.

We take you out to where the big fish live and give you a chance to catch them.  Because of the short seasons on most species, you might have to let them go.  When you allow us to serve you, there will be bent rods.  When you get your fish up to the top, you can take a picture.  If the fish you catch is in season, you are welcome to keep it or let it go.

Why We Think You Will Enjoy Fishing With Us

We believe that taking your family fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama will be the highlight of your entire Gulf Shores vacation.   Our trips encompass a futuristic view of deep sea fishing that includes a focus on family, an educational aspect and very important conservation message.  Another way we are different is, we look at what we do for you through the eyes of a servant.  When you send us a reservation request, we get excited. We immediately know that you are a lot like us and are looking for a uniquely different experience for your family.

Since launching or boat in 2002, we have focused on making peoples lives easier.  Even our reservations are easy.  We don’t even require an up front deposit.   Based on the information you provide us in the reservation request, we are able to custom tailor a fishing trip that is right for your family that includes using light tackle and fishing some amazing reefs that produce quality fish.  No matter what fish species are in or out of season, we take your family to catch big fish.  Some you will be able to keep, but others you you will have to let go.

In addition to taking your family to experience fishing, what we really do is make your lives simpler, laid back and stress free.  We remove all anxiety you may have about deep sea fishing.


Experience Family Fishing with the First charter to offer “G” rated adventures that are full of action.

Educational Fishing Trips

Being a family man with four kids and now a growing number of grandchildren, we know how important it is to try and find activities that are educational, inspirational, a good experience and most importantly, offers value. We have all experienced activities that make you say, “I could do that again.” Our goal is for you and your families to have a good time and catch a lot of fish. Most of all, we want your family to enjoy your trip and want you to tell your friends how good we treated you. We want you to feel comfortable with me and to know that your satisfaction always comes before our personal gain.


Family Fishing is our specialty and is what we are known for on the Alabama Gulf Coast.


Kids driving the fishing charter boat

We love to see families explore and discover new things.

Our Guest welcome upstairs policy

Our “Guest welcome in the wheelhouse policy” is a huge hit among families.   The wheelhouse is located upstairs.  This is where we drive the boat and all of the electronics are located. We are the only boat in Orange Beach that encourages you to come up. We especially love it when you bring your small kids with you.  We have kids who spend most of their time upstairs with me and we don’t mind it one bit.  However, if seas are a little bumpy, I may have to say ” now is not good.”

king mackerel fish

You will love catching king mackerel with your family while trolling to and from the fishing reefs.


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