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A deep sea fishing charter that gives you action, some relaxation or something in between.  Book your trip today!

Raise Your Expectations!

Different in every way.  First we raised the bar, now we are setting standards.  Book your trip today!

Trips To Be Envied!

Taking your family deep sea fishing for the first time, isn’t such an imposition!  Book your trip today!

Come Out And Play!

There is nothing you can’t do, when you finally make up your mind to do it!  Book your trip today!

Motivated to give you the best fishing experience!

The experiences you receive while fishing with us, will shape who you while moving forward in life.  They are more valuable than any material goods you will ever possess!  Book your trip today!

What Face Will You Make When You’re Fighting A Big Fish?

The expressions on your face is priceless and we aim to catch that special moment for you.   Book your trip today!

Ever Caught a Kingfish?

King Mackerel are a fun fish to catch while trolling to and from the reefs.  They are always in season and are ideal for those who want to keep some fish for dinner.  June through October are best.   Book your trip today!

What Our Family Values Most!

Our relentless attention to every detail and improving the family fishing experience drives us forward!   Book your trip today!

That Moment When You Hold Your First Fish!

All of our trips come standard with complimentary professional photographs of your family fishing.  We’ve got you covered with our own high end camera. Book your trip today!

Our Trips will Captivate, Surprise and Delight

If you catch a big Cobia like this one, the rest of your trip is made!  During late spring and summer, these migratory game fish show up on Alabama’s artificial reefs and they offer an incredible light tackle fight. Book your trip today!

Meet Captain Troy

Known to his grand kids as “Papa Bear”, Captain Troy is a friend that a friend would love to have.  We offer you a family fishing experience that is so fascinating, educating and valuable, that is available nowhere else.  Come see for yourself why families trust Captain Troy.   Book your trip today!

Ever Caught A Mahi Mahi?

During the late summer, Mahi Mahi can be caught while trolling fishing south of Orange Beach.  If you are lucky enough to catch one, they are very tasty too!  Book your trip today!

Your Kids Can Drive Our Boat!

Would your kids like to learn how to drive the boat?  Captain Troy encourages you to come up and take the helm.   Book your trip today!

Escape Ordinary, Cruise The Distraction!

Distraction isn’t about luxury or status, it’s about satisfaction.  Her seamless blend of style, nostalgia and substance, crafted to ensure every fishing trip is something special.   Book your trip today!


Sea A World of Wonder!

You will love seeing amazing Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Birds and occasionally, some really cool looking fish like Mola Mola and Jellies.
Book your trip today!

Shark Fishing is Exhaustingly Fun!

Want your own big fish story?  On most 6 hour charters, someone gets a chance to get a competitive edge over their buddies.  All sharks are photographed and then released.
Book your trip today!

Indulge Yourself

Because you deserve it.  Your family will will always remember the time when you took them to experience a different kind of fishing charter in Orange Beach.
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Endless Possibilities

You never know what your going to catch while deep sea fishing near Gulf Shores.
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Dare To Be Different!

Redefining Charter Fishing – One Customer At A Time.   When it comes to deep sea fishing, we encourage you to keep only what you need for a few meals or release them all.  We are fishing for tomorrow.
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Your Family’s  Safety Matters To Us!

When you bring your family to fish with us, you are with one of the safest boats in town.  With us, “Safety Is No Accident.”    Book your trip today!

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  • Family Fishing
    Family Fishing It is time to put the accelerator down on your imagination and experience a fun, family friendly fishing trip that can be found nowhere else. Family fishing includes those with grown kids, school age and as young as 4 years of age....
  • Deep Sea Fishing
    Deep Sea Fishing Escape ordinary and learn how to catch bigger fish on our exclusive half day charter. We will take your family to the best spots and teach you the secret techniques to deep sea fishing and help you land your next trophy fish. ...
  • Trolling Fishing
    Trolling Fishing We keep the boat moving along, dragging baits of different colors, shapes, sizes at different distances and depths while waiting for a strike. This trip is ideal for those who are tight on time or who want to see what saltwater trolling fishing is all about....
  • Light Tackle Fishing
    Light Tackle Fishing On all of our half day trips you will be using NEW light tackle fishing gear that will be the highlight of your family trip. Our tackle is easy to use and ideal for first timers and kids. Remember, "Fishing Light - Get's The Bite®"...

Orange Beach Family Fishing Charters – Different In Every Way

Welcome to Captain Troy’s,  Distraction Charters.   It’s time to raise your expectations and find out why our charter trips are so popular.  We hope you will come and see for yourself, so you can fully understand what family & kid friendly charters are supposed to be like.   We are the first charter boat to specialize in family fishing.   We take first time anglers with kids (6 persons max), deep sea fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama.  All of our light tackle fishing trips have a hands on, educational aspect to them, and are designed for those who would like to catch a lot of fish over the reefs, but also want to learn something new and exciting about trolling fishing.   If you are looking for a fishing charter that cannot be found elsewhere, please continue reading this page so you will fully fathom what we do for families like yours.  First we raised the bar, now we are setting standards in family fishing.


Raise your expectations. A family fishing charter that is different in every way.

  • Children & Kids Fishing
    Imagine finding an offshore fishing guide that specializes in taking kids as young as 4, deep sea fishing. With us, parents can relax and kids can be kids. Families love what we do for them....
  • See Dolphins & Sea Turtles
    Being able to see Wild Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Pelicans and Seagulls up close, is the highlight of any fishing charter. There is so much more to deep sea fishing and we aim to share it with you....
  • “CPR” Catch, Photo, Release
    Our "Keep the Best, Release the Rest" option offers year round opportunities for those who want to experience fishing in Orange Beach....
  • Shark Fishing Fun
    It's time to "One Up" your buddies with your own big fish story. On almost every 6 hour charter, somebody has a chance to test their angling skills against one of natures Apex predators. ...

Your Family and First Time Deep Sea Fishing Specialists

A family fishing charter in Orange Beach.

We are the first “G” rated, charter boat in Orange Beach that caters to first timers and families.

What we do for families, is unlike any other Orange Beach fishing charters around the Alabama gulf coast.  First, we educate and then demonstrate to you and your kids, how to use light tackle fishing gear so you can catch offshore fish like red snapper and king mackerel, all by yourself.  Families love how gentle we are with their kids.  Families especially like how we teach basic angling without any stress.   Sometimes it takes a few times before they get the hang of deep sea fishing, but that is what we are there for.  We show you how to hold your pole, bait your own hook, let your line out and reel it back in, hopefully while you are fighting a big fish.

All of our charter fishing trips are “G” rated and kid friendly.   We also have the unique ability to calm fears and anxieties you may have about taking your family, offshore fishing for the first time.  If you don’t understand something or have a concern, we will take the time to explain how and why we are doing what we are doing.  We will show you over and over again until you are comfortable using the tackle and are catching fish all by yourself.

As an Orange Beach fishing charter company, we can’t promise you a cooler full of fish.  Actually nobody can do that with all of the regulations that are in place.  All we promise you is, that we will make our best effort to put you on some fish and allow you fight them.  We will also take care of you and protect your celebrity status the whole time you are on board our vessel.   With us, you or your shy kids can relax and engage at your own pace.  It’s OK if you want to sit back and watch for a little while, but charter fishing is addictive and you will soon be wanting to get involved.  We invite you to bring children who have special needs or may have a disability.

“We can’t control the weather forecast, the sea conditions or how the fish bite.  The one thing we can control, is how nice we treat you and your family.” Says Captain Troy

Guaranteed To Be Unlike Any Other Fishing Charter Around


Sharing our love for fishing with your kids is what we are all about.  We love it when a child comes up and takes the helm and learns something new.

When it comes to going deep sea fishing, we are not an alternative to other charters in Orange Beach.  There is a huge difference between we do for you and what our competitors advertise they do.  Sure, all charter boats near Gulf Shores, take people deep sea fishing.  But what separates us is, our ability to teach basic and advanced angling skills to people who have never fished before (First timers), or have never been given the opportunity to learn how to fish in saltwater.  When you combine education with excellent customer service, patience, professionalism, kindness and gentleness, this is what really pulls us ahead of the competition.

We care more about you getting a personalized, hassle free, “G” rated, quality fishing charter experience with value added services, more than our own personal gain.  Humbling ourselves and by asking our guests how we can better serve you, is the most rewarding things we have ever done.  As a result of communicating with past guests, we have improved our services and offer less riding, which  gives you more fishing time. This equates to you getting a lot of hands on experience and some incredible light tackle action.  If the fish you catch are in season and you want a harvest a few fish for dinner, that is alright by us.    We will take some incredible photos of your catch so you can prove what you caught.

An Orange Beach Charter Boat Captain With A Servant’s Attitude

I am Captain Troy Frady.  I am your servant, host and point of contact when booking your fishing trip.  I spent almost 20 years in the corporate world as a bank loan officer and a transportation manager for a fortune 500 company before giving it all up to live a dream of making a living on the water as a charter fishing guide based out of Orange Beach Marina.  I encourage you to read about us and see what we do for families like yours.  Our family and kid friendly fishing trips are safe,  fascinating and valuable, you will not find another trip like it anywhere else.  I guarantee it.   You will experience unique activities and get to see some amazing sights that might be overlooked elsewhere.  We don’t just take you deep sea fishing, we take you to experience fishing and everything that encompasses.   Our company has become a destination favorite for families and first timers that want to escape ordinary charter fishing.  We take pride in and encourage you to read all of our trusted customer reviews so you can see what other families like yours say about what we do for them.


Come fish with us and find out why they are called triggerfish. 

Raise Your Expectations and Choose Distraction Charters

It’s time to raise your expectations and enjoy a fishing charter that has raised the bar and now is setting standards in the industry.  Distraction Charters custom tailors fishing trips that are full of action and are very safe for even the youngest of kids.  Our charter fishing trips begin, by you telling us what you expect to receive from your Orange Beach fishing adventure when you submit your reservation request.  We do this in a way that best matches your wants, needs and we always try to meet and exceed your expectations.   We promise to never offer you anything we cannot deliver.  We are experts in family fishing and all of our charters relieve your anxieties and allow you to relax and enjoy deep sea fishing.

If you have questions about charter fishing and are searching for a competent, knowledgeable, non-smoking, drug and alcohol free crew that has a passion for serving others, we encourage you to continue reading, so you will fully fathom how we do things differently than anyone else on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Remember, we take you fishing and keep your rods bent as much as we can.  We are not meat hunters and do not fish for limits.   We are in the people business and excellent service is what we offer you.

family relaxing while fishing in orange beach

Fishing in Orange Beach – A place where families can relax, restore and rejuvenate.

Specializing in Family Fishing in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

Being the first charter boat in the Gulf Shores area to become highly specialized in family fishing,  has been both rewarding, fun and has really improved the overall fishing experience in Orange Beach.  We focus all of our passion, energy and enthusiasm and offer your family a chance to experience a “G” rated, laid back, stress free atmosphere that is full of light tackle action and opportunities at a competitive, yet affordable rate.  You get an exclusive private fishing charter that is ideal for everyone in your family.   You are encouraged to bring kids as young as 4 years of age and let them engage as much as they want.  As long as sea conditions permit it, you and your kids are welcome to come upstairs spend some time with me in the wheelhouse, helping drive the boat and learning about navigation and electronics.

little boy holding mahi mahi or dolphin fish.

Families with Kids love fishing with Captain Troy and Corey

Charter Fishing trips that offer the best opportunity for you

Our most popular deep sea fishing charter of all times is the half day, 6 hour light tackle trip.   I know that some of you are concerned about taking your kids offshore for the first time and wondering how they will do.  When a family with small kids have chosen a shorter trip in the past, they almost 99% of the time, wish they had done a little longer trip because they have so much fun.  This custom tailored private trip is ideal because it offers you a combination of both trolling and bottom fishing and you will catch some amazingly nice size fish.   By choosing the half day trip your family will have more opportunities to experience fishing.

For those of you who have concerns about offshore fishing for the first time and want to keep land in close sight, you might choose our half day trolling trip.  During the summer months and early fall, this trip gives us enough time to locate schools of mackerel fish that will give you plenty of action. Trolling is a lot of fun and really gets hot in June through October each year, while our waters are warm and the pelagic and migratory fish in close.

wahoo fishing in orange beach

Ever caught a Wahoo? They are one of the fastest fish in the ocean.

What we do for you and your family

  • You get to indulge yourself while experiencing a safe, private, “G” rated, kid friendly, laid back, hassle free, deep sea fishing charter in a way that can be found nowhere else.
  • Your captain and crew are average fishermen, but we are really good educators. We care if you have a good time and hope you learn how to catch some big fish. We are competent, knowledgeable and will always put your happiness before our personal gain.
  • You get the full use a charter boat that is well maintained, safe, clean, a large air conditioned cabin, odor free, private restroom and a kitchen with a microwave.
  • You and your family are welcome upstairs at any time (as long as sea conditions allow it). You better bring your camera, because you will want to get some pictures of your kids driving the boat.
  • We encourage children to engage themselves at their own pace or comfort level and do something they can’t do at home.
  • You can relax when it comes to bad weather, if it’s too rough, we simply don’t go.   Because we don’t take deposits, you don’t have to worry about getting a refund if the seas don’t allow us to get out.  Some days are more comfortable than others, but we do all we can to make you happy and keep your family safe.
  • We are like a hotel when it comes to confirming your reservation. We only need a cc number on file to hold your trip. We do not charge a 50% up front deposit.
  • We do our best to take as many photos and film a movie of you while you are fishing. We 0ffer you a complimentary copies of your family while fishing and a movie of your entire fishing trip. This way, you can re-live your charter whenever you like.  You can also see who caught the most fish.
dad helping son reel in a fish

Sharing that moment when your child reels in their first fish is magical, and we aim to capture that moment for you.

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