Want to Save $100 this Spring!

Fish during March, April or May 2015,  and save $100 on any private charter. (see rates page for details)  Book your trip today!

What Face Will You Make When You’re Fighting A Big Fish?

We love to see a child fighting a big fish and hanging on to the pole for dear life.  The expressions on their face is priceless and we aim to catch that special moment for you.   Book your trip today!

Ever Caught a Kingfish?

Mackerel are a fun fish to catch.  They are always in season and are ideal for those who want to keep some fish for dinner.  June through October are best.  Come sling some kings with us. Book your trip today!

Families Love What We Do For Them!

When it comes to taking your family deep sea fishing for the first time, it is important to have a good experience, catch plenty of fish and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Come let us show you what family fishing is really all about. Book your trip today!

Relax and Let Us Capture That Special Moment!

All charters come standard with professional photography and a video of your entire trip.  It’s OK to leave your camera in the car.  We’ve got you covered. Book your trip today!

Our Trips will Captivate, Surprise and Delight

If you catch a big Cobia like this one, the rest of your trip is made!  During late spring and summer, these migratory game fish show up on Alabama’s artificial reefs and they offer an incredible light tackle fight. Book your trip today!

Meet Captain Troy

I care if you have a great offshore experience.  Come and let me show you how I can offer you a family fishing experience that is so fascinating and valuable that is available nowhere else.  Come see for yourself why families trust us so much.   Book your trip today!

Ever Caught A Mahi Mahi?

During the late summer, Mahi Mahi can be caught while trolling fishing south of Orange Beach.  If you are lucky enough to catch one, they are very tasty too!  Book your trip today!

Your Kids Can Drive Our Boat!

Would your kids like to learn how to drive the boat?  Captain Troy encourages you to come up and take the helm.   Book your trip today!

Escape Ordinary This Year!

Are you looking for a unique fishing opportunity?  We are the first offshore charter to become highly specialized in family fishing.  We have new light tackle gear that is easy to use and we offer an educational and conservation aspect on every trip.  All charters are interesting, rewarding and action packed.   Book your trip today!


See Dolphins Up Close

You will love seeing amazing Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Birds and some really cool looking fish like Mola Mola and Jellies.
Book your trip today!

Shark Fishing is Exhaustingly Fun!

Want your own big fish story?  On most 6 hour charters, someone gets a chance to get a competitive edge over their buddies.  All sharks are photographed and then released.
Book your trip today!

Indulge Yourself

Because you deserve it.  Your family will will always remember the time when you took them to experience a different kind of fishing charter in Orange Beach.
Book your trip today!

Endless Possibilities

You never know what your going to catch while deep sea fishing near Gulf Shores.
Book your trip today!

Keep the Best, Release the Rest

We believe in taking only what we need, not what we can.  It’s the right thing to do so future generations can enjoy our natural resources.  We are the next generation of charter fishing guides that promote conservation.
Book your trip today!

Your Family’s  Safety Matters To Us!

When you bring your family to fish with us, you are with one of the safest boats in town.  With us, “Safety Is No Accident.”    Book your trip today!

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  • Family Fishing
    Family Fishing It is time to put the accelerator down on your imagination and experience a fun, family friendly fishing trip that can be found nowhere else. We specialize in taking families with kids and first timers deep sea fishing....
  • Deep Sea Fishing
    Deep Sea Fishing Escape ordinary and learn how the locals catch bigger fish on our 6 hour charter. We will take your family to the best spots and teach you the secret techniques to deep sea fishing and help you land your next trophy fish. ...
  • Trolling Fishing
    Trolling Fishing Our 4 hour near shore trolling fishing trips allow you to fish while we keep the boat moving along, dragging baits and waiting for a strike. If you are short on time, on a tight budget or are not sure how your kids will do, this trip is ideal...
  • Light Tackle Fishing
    Light Tackle Fishing On all of our 6 hour trips you will be using NEW light tackle fishing gear that will be the highlight of your family trip. Our tackle is easy to use and ideal for first timers and kids. Remember, "Fishing Light - Get's The Bite®"...


  • Children & Kids Fishing
    Imagine finding an offshore fishing guide that specializes in taking kids as young as 4, deep sea fishing. With us, parents can relax and kids can be kids. Families love what we do for them....
  • See Dolphins & Sea Turtles
    Being able to see Wild Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Pelicans and Seagulls up close, is the highlight of any fishing charter. There is so much more to deep sea fishing and we aim to share it with you....
  • “CPR” Catch, Photo, Release
    Our "Keep the Best, Release the Rest" option offers year round opportunities for those who want to experience fishing in Orange Beach....
  • Shark Fishing Fun
    It's time to "One Up" your buddies with your own big fish story. On almost every 6 hour charter, somebody has a chance to test their angling skills against one of natures Apex predators. ...


Taking your family charter boat fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama.

A different kind of fishing charter in Orange Beach.

Finally, A different kind of fishing charter boat in Orange Beach that only caters to families.

Welcome to Distraction Charters.  We are located at the Orange Beach Marina.  We have been taking families like yours, deep sea fishing since 2002.  We carry 6 passengers maximum and all of our trips are exclusively private.   That means only your family or group will be on the boat.

We are the first charter boat in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama to specialize in family and children fishing and offer an educational and conservation aspect to all of our trips.  Whether you want to experience fishing by keeping a few fish to eat or letting them all go, it’s OK by us.   We’re sorry, but don’t fish for limits, small fish or try to fill the freezer.  We fish for the enjoyment of wetting a hook and learning how to catch big fish using light tackle.  What we offer, is a fishing charter that is so unique, you can’t find anything like it,  anywhere else.

I am Captain Troy Frady.  I am your host and point of contact when booking your fishing trip.  I would like to encourage you to read about us and see what we do for families like yours.  Our family and kid friendly fishing trips are safe,  fascinating and valuable, you will not find another trip like it anywhere else.  I guarantee it.  In addition to you being with a crew that cares if you have a good time, your family will get to have fun and will get to use some of the newest light tackle gear available.   You will experience unique activities and get to see some amazing sights that might be overlooked elsewhere.  We don’t just take you deep sea fishing, we take you to experience fishing®.   Our company has become a destination favorite for families and first timers that want to escape ordinary charter fishing by indulging yourself.  We take pride in and encourage you to read all of our trusted customer reviews so you can see what other families like yours say about what we do for them.


Come fish with us and find out why they are called triggerfish

Escape Ordinary When You Choose Distraction Charters

Distraction Charters helps you escape ordinary by offering a custom tailored fishing trip that is full of action and is very safe for even the youngest of kids.  Your family will be on a safe, “G” rated, professional atmosphere at all times.  Our trips begin, by you allowing us to custom tailor your Orange Beach fishing adventure when you submit a reservation request.  We do this in a way that best matches your wants, needs and we always try to exceed your expectations.   We are experts in family fishing and all of our charters relieve your anxieties and allow you to relax and enjoy deep sea fishing.   If you have questions about charter fishing and are searching for a competent, knowledgeable, non-smoking, drug and alcohol free crew that has a passion for serving others, we encourage you to continue reading, so you will fully fathom how we do things differently than anyone else on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

family relaxing while fishing in orange beach

Fishing in Orange Beach – A place where families can relax, restore and rejuvenate.

Specializing in Family Fishing in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

Being the first charter boat in the Gulf of Mexico to become highly specialized in family fishing,  has been both rewarding, fun and has really improved the overall fishing experience in Orange Beach.  We focus all of our passion, energy and enthusiasm and offer your family a chance to experience a “G” rated, laid back, stress free atmosphere that is full of light tackle action and opportunities at an affordable rate.  You get an exclusive private fishing charter that is ideal for everyone in your family.   You are encouraged to bring kids as young as 4 years of age and let them engage as much as they want.  As long as sea conditions permit it, you and your kids are welcome to come upstairs spend some time with me in the wheelhouse, helping drive the boat and learning about navigation and electronics.

Kids love fishing with us.

Families with Kids love fishing with us.

Fishing trips that offer the best opportunity for you

Our most popular deep sea fishing charter of all times is the super 6 hour light tackle trip. This custom tailored private trip is ideal because it offers you a combination of both trolling and bottom fishing and you will catch some amazingly nice size fish.   By choosing the 6 hour, your family will have more opportunities to experience fishing.

Important Information – Because of the short red snapper, triggerfish, amberjack and grouper seasons each year, you might not be able to keep all you catch.  Remember, we fish for the excitement and the thrill of the fight and do all we can to help your children and family get the most out of your fishing charter.  When filling the cooler or freezer is not an option anymore because of bag limits and short seasons, wouldn’t you want the best opportunity to catch bigger fish even if you have to let them go?  Helping you learn how to catch fish like the locals do is part of how we make deep sea fishing fun.  These 6 hour trips get you further offshore where the prime fishing reefs are located.  Everybody who chooses the 6 hour charter always leaves us enthused and extremely satisfied.

For those of you who have concerns about offshore fishing for the first time and want to keep land in close sight, you might choose our 4 hour trolling trip.  This trip gives us enough time to locate schools of fish that will give you plenty of action.  Trolling is fun but it is nothing like our 6 hour trip.   Trolling is a lot of fun and really gets hot in May through December while our waters are warm and the pelagic and migratory fish in close.

wahoo fishing in orange beach

Ever caught a Wahoo? They are one of the fastest fish in the ocean.

What we do for you and your family

  • You get to indulge yourself while experiencing a safe, private, “G” rated, kid friendly, laid back, hassle free, deep sea fishing charter in a way that can be found nowhere else.
  • Your captain and crew are highly skilled fishermen and educators who care if you have a good time and take you to hopefully catch some big fish. We are competent, knowledgeable and will always put your happiness before our personal gain.
  • You get the full use a charter boat that is well maintained, safe, clean, a large air conditioned cabin, odor free, private restroom and a kitchen with a microwave.
  • You and your family are welcome upstairs at any time (as long as sea conditions allow it). You better bring your camera, because you will want to get some pictures of your kids driving the boat.
  • We encourage children to engage themselves at their own pace or comfort level and do something they can’t do at home.
  • You can relax when it comes to bad weather, if it’s too rough, we simply don’t go.   Because we don’t take deposits, you don’t have to worry about a refund.  Some days are more comfortable than others, but we do all we can to make you happy and keep your family safe.
  • We are like a hotel when it comes to confirming your reservation. We only need a cc number on file to hold your trip. We do not charge a 50% up front deposit.
  • In case you run low on something to drink, we have complimentary ice water on board.
  • We do our best to take as many photos and film a movie of you while you are fishing. We 0ffer you a complimentary copies of your family while fishing and a movie of your entire fishing trip. This way, you can re-live your charter whenever you like.  You can also see who caught the most fish.
dad helping son reel in a fish

Learn Something New, Share Something Special with your parents

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