Changing pace and fishing techniques is very common for us at Distraction Charters in Orange Beach. With the Red Snapper season being closed to harvest this time of the year, Jigging for Amberjack has certainly been a great alternative to traditional bottom fishing. Jigging is the ultimate physical test for anglers wanting to a different fishing style. We head out in the mornings just south of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores for a ride offshore to the fishing grounds. We are using 7 and 9 oz Williamson Jigs tied to a spinning reel with 30 lb test. We are teaching our anglers how to work the jig and catch Amberjack and Red Snapper almost every cast. The dog days of summer are upon us, but the jigging action of the rod can often make those fish strike the lure. Jigging takes effort and is not for the smaller kids. It can exhaust even the most seasoned anglers, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

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