If you want to have some fun, tell us that you want to catch a shark while deep sea fishing. Chris kept telling us that he wanted to catch something big. Reef fish like Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Triggerfish would not satisfy his hunger to tug on something huge. The water off of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores is not as clear as it usually is this time of the year. The rainfall that we are experiencing up north is finally making its way down to Mobile bay and it is decreasing the visibility. We thought the water clarity would make a difference in the reef fish bite and increase our chances of catching a shark while deep sea fishing. We were wrong. We fished 4 reefs where sharks usually hang out and we did not hardly lose a bait. We headed south to try and find one last spot where the water was clear and we could possibly catch a big shark. We had caught a few Spanish Mackerel earlier in the morning, so we had Kyle put one on the hook and send it down. It took about 10 minutes and Chris had all the fight he could handle. To see all of the pictures we took, visit our Facebook page and become a fan here:

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