Routine Charter Boat Maintenance

Charter Boat Maintenance Is Anything But Routine

While you are on our boat fishing and everything is going good,  you don’t even think about something going wrong or a piece of equipment malfunctioning.   Well, just like safety is no accident, neither is having a well functioning boat and properly operating engines and equipment.  Each year, we spend $25k to $35k maintaining our boat and boy does it show.  It also gives me peace of mind every time I have customers get on board and know everything is done right.

We just pulled out of the water last Thursday at the boat yard.  The boat lift or crane took us to what we call “the hill” where they sat us down on blocks so we could get to work on the Distraction.  This year, we are investing in and having our top cabin painted and our bottom side (the part that is under the water) peeled, sanded, filled and applying a protective barrier coating to the hull to keep moisture from penetrating her.  Over a period of time, all underwater coatings become aged, brittle and take a beating from the elements.   Instead of trying to make it another year, I decided not to take a chance with it.  That is why we decided to perform this major project this year.  After we get the protective barrier on, we will apply new bottom paint and she will be ready for another 20 years of service.  Now that makes me feel good, knowing that my hull is in tip top shape.

Coming from corporate America and managing over 21,000 semi trucks and trailers, I learned that performing regularly scheduled routine maintenance is critical to any operation.  We all know those people who skimp out and try to get by in life by patching, fixing and band aiding problems.  All too often, those things result in something breaking or the fix failing.  All of those things lead to poor customer satisfaction and service.  That is one way we are different.  When it breaks, we replace it.  That is why when I began charter fishing in Orange Beach in 2002, I knew I had to budget for maintenance.  During those first years and being new in business, it was tough.  That’s because it took a lot of money to get going in business.   Being disciplined to set aside money for maintenance was one thing I have always done.  Boy has it paid off over the years.  By performing daily, monthly and yearly maintenance has minimized my break downs and has allowed me to provide the best service in the industry.

When you are planning on booking a fishing charter this year, remember that I will always put your safety and happiness before my personal gain.  I want you to feel comfortable with me and feel confident when you are booking your fishing charter.  It makes me feel proud when people like yourself get off the trip and have nice things to say about their fishing trip and how well maintained our boat and equipment is.