The bull Vermilion Snapper may be closer than you think when planning your next Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Vacation. Today’s deep sea fishing charter was something special. Catching big Vermilion Snapper or Beeliners is some kind of fun when Red Snapper season is closed. The big Vermilion have not had much pressure on them since 2009 and boy they are getting big. If you are wanting a good eating fish, then beeliners are a great species to target. We headed south of the Orange Beach Marina, out into the Gulf of Mexico this morning and the weather was wonderful. We had a slight westerly wind and the seas were calm. We caught plenty of fish but most of all, we caught big Trigger fish and nice size Vermilions. These trips are usually 8 to 10 hours in length to get the big Bull Mingos. Shorter trips usually produce their smaller cousins.

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