Red Snapper season opened on June 1. We are experiencing some wonderful fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast in the waters just south of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. The 6 hour trip is proving to be the trip of choice because the fish are a little further offshore and trips less than 5 hours offer very little time actually fishing. All of our families are really enjoying the light tackle deep sea fishing charters we are offering this year. The added photography and movies we are making of your fishing trip are really value added services that other charters can’t compete with. The water is muddy close to shore because of all the rain that has run down the rivers and into the gulf. Trolling for King Mackerel is not very good right now. The fish can’t see the trolling lures in the muddy water. However, the 6 hour bottom fishing charter for the Red Snapper is one awesome experience for anglers of all ages. We have purchased new tackle that is ideal for kids and people who do not want to fish with traditional heavy tackle. We are catching Big Fish and releasing the rest. Our families are really enjoying the fishing on the distraction charter boat more than ever this year.