2011 has certainly been an amazing year so far. The weather has been exceptionally great for the Spring Break here on the Gulf Shores and Orange Beaches. Deep sea fishing has been red hot and the Trigger fish have been began to bite. For a couple of years now, the triggerfish have been in managed by the federal government to help restore the fish stock to a healthy level. This year, we are reaping the rewards of the 14″ fork length for Triggers. Trigger fish is an awesome fish for the table and give anglers a great fight. Today was no exception. We got into and caught a mess of Triggerfish south of Orange Beach that would rival the old days, with one exception. We caught enough for supper and no more. The days of trying to fill the freezer have been replaced by those who want to experience deep sea fishing and keep a few for supper. This means that there are more quality fish than ever before available for you to catch while deep sea fishing. We look forward to seeing you soon.