The summer weather pattern and clear water are pushing in to make some world class light tackle fishing in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Fishing with salt water light tackle gear is one way the Distraction Charter boat is catchins some big fish. Some people ask us about fishing with live bait and we simply say it is not needed. Catching live bait takes up about 30 minutes of your fishing charter and does not out perform our light tackle fishing gear. We have been catching Cobia on almost every charter boat trip this week in Orange Beach. Most of them are smaller, but that is a good sign that the Ling fish stock is healthy and viable. They offer an acrobatic fight when hooked. With the clear water moving in, the Mangrove or Gray Snapper are beginning to bite pretty good. We are seeing some pretty nice ones on our 6 hour charter trips. If you are looking for an activity for the family, come along with us on the Distraction Charter boat for an adventure that may change your mind about fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Gulf Shores, Alabama.