Light Tackle deep sea fishing is no joke when it comes to catching big fish on 6 hour charters. We don’t need live bait to let you see if you can handle some really big fish. With Distraction Charters, you get more fishing time and have your chance to catch some really big Red Snappers while bottom fishing. Gulf Shores is full of vacationers looking for an activity for the entire family. Deep sea fishing is the perfect outlet for those of you who want to experience a really neat fishing trip. July is really hot and our air conditioned charter boat, cools you down after a volley of catching one fish after another. July 4th each year sets the pace for all fishing charters for the summer season. Guests are coming far and wide to experience some really good bottom fishing charters. We offer 6 hour bottom fishing charters because we want you to have a chance to get offshore far enough to get to where the big fish live. Using light tackle fishing gear on the Distraction Charter boat is a lot of fun for the entire family. We have kids as young as 4 years of age, reeling in their first Red Snapper. The King Mackerel bite is better way offshore, that is why the 4 hour trolling trips are hit and miss right now. We have seen a bunch of Cobia or Ling on every fishing trip. It will not be long before Red Snapper season is over on July 18. Now is the time to book your fishing charter and cash in on some of these tasty fish. After the season closes, we can continue catching as many fish as you like, but we will have to let those that are out of season go. Amberjack season opens on August 1, but don’t expect to catch them on any trip less than 10 hours because of overfishing close to shore. You need to plan on a full day of fishing if you want to catch those big Amberjack. Gag Grouper season opens on September 15 and those are some really fun and beautiful fish to catch. Bring the family and kids and join us for a fun fishing vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama.

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