Gulf Shores Spring Break Fishing Charters Begins

Today was a day like no other in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Our guests came all the way from Albuquerque, NM. Dr. McKenzie left the mile high elevation to come to Orange Beach and do a little deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. We got a late start because two of our guest were celebrating their anniversary and wanted to sleep in. It did not matter to us, the weather forcast was going to be good all day. We left the Orange Beach Marina at 08:45 and began working our way offshore. We rode for about 1.5 hours to our first artificial reef. After fishing for about 15 minutes, we saw something amazing swim just in front of the charter boat. It had a huge fin sticking out of the water. We thought Shark, Whale Shark and about that time, the fish layed over on its side and we recognized it as being a sun fish. Some people call them Mola Mola but it was huge. The education part of our fishing trip kicked in and I asked them if they would like to get some pictures or be able to see one up close? Everyone said yes. We reeled up our fishing lines and we rode about 100 yards forward and there he was. It must have been 600 pounds and the size of a beach tent. We got some good pictures and then we decided to go back to the reef and finish our deep sea fishing adventure. We ended up catching a lot of nice sized 24 to 26 inch Red Snappers with the largest one weighing about 12 pounds. We had a wonderful day and are looking forward to the rest of Alabama’s Spring Break fishing season.

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