Four Generations of Family Fishermen in Orange Beach

The neat thing about deep sea fishing is that it bridges the generation gap between families. We all the time have three generations fishermen go out and enjoy our services. Today was a special treat because we had four generations. Mr. Len is the leader of the family at a mere 85 years young. He is as agile as any person half his age. His son in law, Jim, his grandson Scott and his son Noah (11) all came out for a day on the water. The day started with a cloudy sky and a little rain on the horizon. The seas were about 2 feet and were very mild. We were heading toward a rain cloud and we got to see a big water spout. It disappeared as quickly as it showed. I watched the cloud with our radar and we decided to go through the rain. It was about a mile wide. We were trolling when the high speed fishing pole got a strike. It only took a minute before Noah grabbed the rod and reel. It was an exhausting fight. We got it to the boat and it was a fine Cow Dolphin fish or what we call Mahi-Mahi. We continued south and started bottom fishing where we caught some nice Red Snapper, King Mackerel, Amberjack and Bonita. It was a real pleasure to be able to serve four generations of fishermen. Noah did a good job driving the boat home.