Fishing in Orange Beach Yields Angler A Big Cobia

On a 6 hour charter, we were fishing over an artificial reef, trying to catch some Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Amberjack and maybe a Scamp Grouper. We had chum all in the water and we noticed 4 Cobia swim just beneath the Charter Boat Distraction. We were some 20 miles offshore and south of Orange Beach, fishing in about 110 feet of water when Joey from Missouri grabbed our spinning reel with a curly tail mister twister style lure and casted it to the fish. It did not take but a second and his reel went to screaming. I came out of the wheelhouse of the charter boat with video in hand. Surprisingly, the fight only took Joey about 8 minutes. This fish was huge and came in right at 60 pounds. This is a real treat when you have a family fishing and a big game fish gives you a chance to catch him. Fishing charters in Orange Beach can accomodate families with kids as young as 4 years of age with no problem. Our laid back atmosphere and educational style of light tackle fishing is almost sure to put everyone at ease and allow you to enjoy your charter.