Finally, the weather has laid down and we are in a summer pattern of light and gentle winds. The fish bite in Orange Beach has been tough the past couple of weeks due to TS Debby and before that, a high pressure system was sitting north of Gulf Shores where we had an east wind for two weeks. The fish bite is good, but the big Red Snappers caught this week on the Distraction Charter boat have been average size and we have caught some whoppers. The snapper in this picture was 28 pounds and was caught on Saturday, June 30 by a 10 year old boy named Travis from Arkansas. He kept reeling and eventually the trophy sized fish came to the top of the water and Kyle reached over and BOGA Gripped the fish. The scales were almost maxed out and we had one tired young man. The moon is almost full this first week of summer vaction in July 2012, so that may mean that the fish bite should be good early in the morning and later in the evening. With Distraction Charters, we offer two charters a day so you can get the best fishing trip in Orange Beach for your family. Be sure to read our reviews on trip advisor, yelp and google places to see what everyone is raving about.

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