Worlds Worst Backlash of a Shimano Tekota 600 reel

Well, all I can say is it was the funniest backlash ever. Kevin from Texas was fishing for Red Snapper when a big Cobia came up and hit his bait. Before he could stop the fish by applying pressure with his thumb on the spool of line, the fish exploded and went to peeling line. The Cobia pulled so hard and so fast, Kevin did not have time to put his reel in gear and fight him. All we heard was the reel peeling line and a big POW! We looked down and Kevin was dumbfounded by the mess it created. We all laughed with Kevin and at him. We wanted to celebrate the worst backlash ever of a shimano reel we have ever seen in 30 years of fishing. If you ever have a backlash, please remember to laugh instead of getting frustrated. It’s just fishing.