We caught fish almost every drop!!!

We all wish for that perfect day on the water. Today was that day. It seemed nothing could go wrong. We were under a weak high pressure system which created a choppy sea early in the morning but calmed down by noon. Shane, Tammy, Dusty, Don, Angie and Carla all came down from Tennessee to enjoy a day deep sea fishing. We started fishing about 20 miles offshore and the bite was good. We caught fish almost every drop. As usual, we caught and had to release some nice Red Snapper. The Vermilion Snapper and White Snappers were of average size. We kept moving further out to see what deep water would bring. It was pretty cool when we came up on some nice Amberjack. The dolphins came up and our customers got some good pictures of them diving beside the boat. We moved a little further where Angie caught herself a nice Gag Grouper. Dusty even caught a hard fighting Tiger Shark. Be sure to see our videos on youtube to see that shark fight. The shark cut the line during the fight but we still got a good view of him. All in all, we had a great day fishing.