Redfish Destroy’s Tackle along with Jack Crevalles on Four Hour Trip!

Mark took a break from flying Boeing 757’s today to bring his two sons on a four hour trip. We had Brice and Hunter onboard to enjoy the late afternoon trip. We started trolling out about 4 pm and there was not a great bite at all. We kept pulling our trolling lures and heading South. We had one reel get slammed and then another. Brice reeled up and when the big Bull Red almost got to the boat, the hook bent out and the big bull red got away. Well, we kept moving out. We picke up a few kings and some of them were smaller and we released them. We made our turn with the evening sun and started heading North. I was watching my sonar and ran over a school of big red dots or echo’s. I told Lem to watch this! Just about that time, two rods were hit so hard they broke the lines and took all our tackle with them. At that time, the other two rods we had out trolling with got slammed. Brice grabbed one and his father Mark grabbed the other. The first fish was Brice’s. He had caught and landed a nice Bull Red. Mark was on the other side of the boat getting beat to death by the tugging sea monster. We thought if this is a red fish, it was going to be a record. We got it up to the boat and we netted a nice Jack Crevalle. With sweat dripping from his head, Mark sat down for a rest. His forearms were a aching and he was physically exhausted from the fun fight. No matter what ever happens, Mark, Brice and Hunter have shared a father and son experience that will last a lifetime. This trip will be forever etched into their memory.