Monster Wahoo Fish Caught by Charter Boat In Orange Beach

It doesn’t happen often on a 6 hour fishing charter, but sometimes the planets align just right and some lucky angler fishing on a charter boat in Orange Beach named Distraction will catch a fish of a lifetime. We were headed in and back toward Orange Beach when we were south of the Gulf Shores beaches about 12 miles, when our red and white islander lure got a strike the hit so hard, the deckhand and the angler could hardly get it out of the holder. This big fish was pulling hard and our guest was hanging on and reeling it in. After a 6 minute 28 second struggle, this big Wahoo of a fish came to the boat and actually bit the charter boat distraction. There are teeth marks in the back of the boat that you can see. Preston was pumped when we got the big Wahoo settled down to where he could hold him up and get a picture. This fish was 5′ 8″ long and was a whopping 57 pounds. If you are planning on chartering a fishing boat in Orange Beach this year, please consider giving Distraction and Captain Troy a chance to serve your family. We promise to take care of you and give you a fishing charter trip to remember. And you just might catch a few big fish.