The southeast winds brought some much needed clear water to the Gulf Shores of Alabama this morning. We have had so much rain up in the central states that the river run off and westerly winds clouded the water and made the visibility of the water tough for trolling fishing. The southeast wind pushed back and some beautiful green water has moved in right off Orange Beach and has made trolling fishing red hot. We are catching Spanish Mackerel that are anywhere from three quarter pounds up to five pounds almost daily. The good thing about trolling fishing in Orange Beach, is that it is only $750 plus tip for a family of 6 for four hours. That is a deal that families are jumping all over this last week in May 2011. The temperatures are comfortable but the size of the Distraction Boat makes the ride very smooth. The morning and late afternoon trips are the most popular trips right now. After June 1, Red Snapper season opens and families will be able to keep 2 per person. Those trips are six hours long. We look forward to seeing so many of you back this summer.

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