The King Mackerel Bite is improving on 4 hour trolling trips. We were trolling south of Orange Beach and it did not take long before the rods were bent over and a King Mackerel was pulling at the other end. The first two weeks of June has been extremely slow for trolling fishing, but with a southerly wind flow the past few days, water clarity is improving just south of the Gulf Shores beaches. Most of the fish we are catching are down deep in the water column. That must mean that the surface water is dirty and the visibility of the fish is poorer near the top of the water. The number 3 planers that we are pulling with long leaders is beginning to pay off with big dividends. Our guests love it when they see the big rod and reel start jerking real hard and the drag begins to scream. King Mackerel fishing has been good for the past 3 years, but this year has gotten off to a slow start. We are not seeing the bait fish on the surface like we did in latter years. Don’t know if it is because of water temperatures, salinity, water clarity or environmental issues related to the 2010 bp oil spill? Either way, we are catching some kings this week and your family needs to be enjoying it.