KA Fraternity Miami University of Ohio Fishing Charter in Orange Beach

Friday started off just right. We decided to leave the Orange Beach Marina at 8 am because these college boys wanted to stay up late and hang out with their friends. We headed out to sea and the brisk northerly wind was giving us some pretty cool temperatures. We rode offshore for about an hour and a half before we started fishing. These KA fraternity boys from the University of Miami of Ohio were ready for some action. We caught quite a few Red Snapper and Grouper but had to put them back. Those seasons do not open until later in the season. Orange Beach and Gulf Shores is full of Spring Breakers looking for some kind of fun activity to do. These young men had a blast, using Distraction Charters light tackle fishing gear. We were in just after lunch today. We had a good time and look forward to Saturday’s two trips.