Fall Fishing Heats up in Orange Beach, Alabama

Fall Red Snapper Season officially arrived in Orange Beach, Alabama this Saturday morning. The winds were brisk and the temperature was in the mid 70’s most of the day. Saturday’s deep sea fishing trip was about introducing young adults to the world of saltwater fishing. These young anglers bring with them, a sense of responsibility and restraint when it comes to catching Red Snapper and deep sea fishing. These young people have a different view of fishing than their parents and grandparents did. You would think that a group of young people would want to harvest everything they caught? Instead, these young people enjoyed catching and releasing almost all the fish they caught. Jacob, Jamey and Katie wanted just enough fish for supper and that was it. They really enjoyed the entertainment of using light tackle while fishing for Red Snapper today. They caught a lot of fish and only a few of them made it to the dinner table. Just when I thought young men and women were not responsible anglers, they showed me that there is a growing feeling of responsibility among this future generation to take what you need and not what you can. I am proud of this group for exercising restraint and simply enjoying a day on the water of the Gulf of Mexico.