Bull Shark Fishing in Orange Beach Alabama with Team Chuck Hutton Chevrolet.

June 2 was unlike any ordinary day on Distraction. We started heading out with Steve Hutton of Chuck Hutton Chevrolet in Memphis, Tn., on a shark hunting adventure. Everyone else in the Gulf was fishing for Red Snapper today. Steve fishes all over the continent but he wanted to do something special. Shark fishing off Orange Beach has been good for many years but the elusive man eaters are hard to track down. We went South of our gulf shores to some large spots that often hold sharks. We went all over the gulf and they were not to be found. We finally stopped on a spot where I thought there might be a last chance to catch a monster shark. We dropped a big chunk of special shark bait and it took about 5 minutes until we hooked up. Steve fought the monster and we got the big Bull Shark to the surface and touched the leader three times. We could not get a picture of the shark because I was down on the deck with Lem and Steve fighting the beast. Steve battled the monster shark for 3 hours and 20 minutes and just as it was getting dark, the line snapped and the shark swam away. We have a legal catch because we grabbed the leader 3 times. I assure you that the shark was a good 9 to 10 feet in length and over 350 lbs. It was probably closer to 400 lbs. Either wasy, we saw it, Steve fought it and the shark swam away to be caught again another day. What an exhausting fight. Be sure and give Steve a call at the Chevy Dealership and as he is selling you a car or truck, ask him to tell you about the fight.