Bull Shark attacks while Red Snapper fishing off Gulf Shores

Tom, Kevin and John caught a nice mess of fish on today’s 6 hour deep sea red snapper trip. We caught a lot of red snapper and we had the excitement of watching Tom bring up a monster fish (we thought)? It was pulling hard. Tom kept reeling and all of a sudden, the red snapper was coming up on the hook with no body. We all saw just the head on a hook when a monster bull shark came all the way up and almost hit the boat trying to get the snapper head back. Tom had hooked a red snapper and a bull shark had eaten it. This was the most spectacular sight. The monster shark was on top of the water coming at the boat. Imagine seeing that! The shark must have been 300 lbs and 8 foot in lenght. We did not have a camera ready because we were not expecting to see a bull shark attack. One thing for sure, we all have a memory that will never go away. Beautiful, amazing and a one of a kind experience!