Seafood and Fish Seasoning

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Perfectly balanced blend of salt, pepper, garlic, spices and herbs with a buttery flavor that enhances the essence of any dish.

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Distraction Charters – Captain Troys Fish Seasoning Description

Our Distraction Fishing Charters “Captain Troy’s Fish SeasoningĀ® – 6.0 oz, is a perfectly balanced blend of salt, pepper, garlic, spices and herbs with a buttery flavor that enhances the essence of any dish, especially grilled fish or fish tacos. When we reformulated our product, we were able to reduce the sodium content by 25% and that made all of the herbs and spices really explode with flavor. Captain Troy’s best seafood and fish seasoning is ideal for those anglers in Orange Beach and around our country, who consider themselves Pescatarians or simply just love to eat fish.

One bottle has 192 servings, which offers you value. Use it like salt and pepper or like a rub, and sprinkle on everything from fresh Seafood, Pork, Poultry, Eggs, Veggies, Baked Potato’s, in sour cream dips and even on Popcorn!

Experience the Best Seafood Restaurants

Enhance The Flavor Of Your Fish With Captain Troy’s Fish Seasoning

Captain Troy’s Fish Seasoning History

We are professional Offshore Fishing Guides and Charter Boats located in Orange Beach, Alabama. Boy do we love to eat fresh fish. Like most people, we are especially health conscious and find ourselves wanting to get away from traditional cooking methods that in our opinion, covers up the flavor of the fish. We do more grilling and microwaving fish in order to eat a little healthier and make better choices.

After two years in the making and a lot of taste tests, we came up with what we feel is the perfect blend of spices that makes fish taste better. We hope you enjoy our Exclusively marketed “Captain Troy’s Fish SeasoningĀ®.

seasoned seafood and fish seasoning

Our seasoning makes the best seafood taste better. We guarantee it.


There is nothing that makes fresh grilled seafood taste better than the best fish seasoning like Capt. Troy’s.

Conservation Message and using Orange Beach Seafood seasoning

Over the years, we have become concerned with over fishing in Orange Beach because many of our popular reef fish species in the Gulf of Mexico have been depleted and we are currently in the rebuilding stages to restore them to healthy populations. We wanted to do our part to ensure future generations have fish to eat. That is why we promote keeping the best and releasing the restĀ®. Our goal was to come up with a seasoning that would promote the harvest of sustainable fish species like game fish and migratory fish like mahi mahi, cobia and even the plentiful mackerel. These species are not considered over fished or over capitalized. They have a unique flavor and offer anglers a fight to remember. The only thing that was missing, was a blend of seasoning that would make a good piece of fish, taste better.

captain troy's distraction charters fish seasoning

This perfectly balanced fish seasoning makes all seafood taste great

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