Charter Fishing Reservations Form

Why we have you enter your credit card information online:  Our entire website is on a secure server and your information is safe with us.   Instead of taking your credit card information over the phone and writing it down in a book (where it can be lost or stolen), we ask that you enter your credit card number via our secure server.  This protects you and your credit card information.

step-1We are glad you have decided to give Distraction Charters an opportunity to serve you and earn your business.  By now, you have settled in on the date or range of dates and are ready to book your trip.  Before we can confirm your trip, we need to know some additional information so we can begin customizing your deep sea fishing trip for you.


step-2We encourage you to fill out the form below, in its entirety (including credit card information via our secure server) and submit it only once.  You should get an automated reply.  If you don’t, do not worry – they come through on my email most of the time.  By filling out the form completely, we move you to the top of the preferred list and you will be hearing back from us shortly.  If you had rather hold off and find out if a date is available first, you can text message me at 251-975-8111 with your name, number of people and which date you want and I will respond as soon as I get in sight of land or in phone range.   At that point, you need to come back to this form and submit it.  Remember, just like a hotel reservation, we must have a credit card on file before we confirm any trip.


step-3MUST READ – IMPORTANT – WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?  After you submit your initial request, we check our availability and answer you back quickly, advising you if the date you want is available.  If we have the date and time you want, we will ask you via email,  if you want to confirm that date?  If you say “YES,” the date and time is yours and will be confirmed by another followup email from us. 

If for some reason, you do not hear from me within a few hours or a day, please check your spam folder and see if your reply is not there.  You may also text me at 251.975.8111 and say that you have submitted a reservation request.  Please include your name in the text, so I will know who’s reservation I am looking for.

Important Info About Trying To Hold Your Trip With A Credit Card  – When you submit this form with your credit card information and we can’t arrange your trip,  and your credit card information will be purged from our system.

Your information is safe and secure with us.

Your credit card information is safe and secure with us.

Distraction Charters Reservation Request

  • We would like the name of the person/leader of your group who is actually going fishing. (Person responsible for paying for the trip is usually who's name appears here)
  • Please verify your email is correct before submitting form. By doing so, means you will get our reply quickly. If you do not get a reply within a few hours, check your spam folder. We do not answer emails after 9 pm to 5 am due to office being closed at night.
  • Please use a number that we can reach you while in town. A cell phone number works best.
    This tells us if you are a repeat customer.

  • 6 hour trips are our most popular trips. They are perfect for first timers who want a chance to experience a bit of trolling and bottom fishing. Full Day trips are for anglers who want a bit more fishing.
  • If for some reason we don't have the date you want available, but you will be in town the entire week, please let us know in the comments section. This way, I can offer you additional time slots later or earlier in the week so we can get you fishing.
  • We stay pretty booked up. By providing an alternate date allows me to offer you a date or time, if your preferred date is not available. This field is not required, but is helpful to us.
    The fish usually bite just as good in the afternoon as they do in the morning. We promise to do our best to put you on them, no matter when you fish.
  • Our flexible family pricing is based on 1 to 4 people. You may add a 5th or 6th person for a few dollars more. Our maximum number of passengers is 6.
    We love to have kids on board. Kids younger than 8 must wear a life jacket.
    If you catch it and it's in season, you are welcome to keep them. With short seasons and small bag limits, sometimes we may not be able to harvest any or all of the fish you catch.
  • American Express
    For your convenience, you can enter your card number here and your billing zip code below. We are like a hotel and require a credit card number to be on file to secure your reservation. If we have your date available, we will ask you if you want to confirm this trip? If you say yes, you are confirmed. On the day of your trip, you are expected to bring the card or other form of payment with you to the boat where we will process it on our machine before departure. Text me if you have any questions - Troy 251.975.8111. Submit this form only once -If you don't get a response within an hour or so, please text me and say you submitted a request (sometimes they go to my spam folder). This reservation form works best on desktop mode if you are on a mobile device.
  • This is the zip code where you get your credit card statement mailed to.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Always Safe and Secure!

Disclaimers – Fishing is not an exact science and does not come without risk.  There are hazards involved with fishing.  There are moving waves, rocking boats, fish hooks, leads, doors that open and shut and obviously there are fish that can bite you, fin you, poke you, poop on you or have scales that can slice you.  We do all we can to protect you, but your participation is VOLUNTARY and assume all risks involved.  When you book a trip with us, it is implied that you understand the risks involved.

Depending on the time of the year you want to go fishing, some popular species like red snapper, triggerfish, amberjack and grouper may be out of season or available for harvest.  If keeping any of these fish is a priority, it is your responsibility to book your trip when they are in season.   Remember, we take people fishing who want to have fun, catch fish (but not keep everything they catch), for the experiences and enjoyment that fishing brings.  If you catch fish that are out of season, we will still photograph you holding your catch and then safely release them.