Triggerfish are some of the fish you catch while deep sea fishing in Orange Beach

Even though the Trigger fish are out of season, you can’t help but catch some of these unusual looking, hard bodied, tough fighting reef fish while on a 6 hour trip. The federal season closed on June 10, but the fish only know they are getting caught and having their picture taken. The average size fish we are catching is about 3 pounds, but our largest this past week was just over 8 pounds. The King Mackerel bite was good on days where we had some cloud cover and cooled down the water temps a bit. Most of the Bonito we are catching are anywhere from 3 to 10 pounds each. They offer one tough fight for the unsuspecting angler. Even though we have about two more weeks before kids go back to school, we are excited about the upcoming fall season. Amberjacks open on August 1, but you need to book a 10 or 12 hour trip to have a chance to catch some of these big boys. Our most popular fishing charter is the 6 hour, because it gives you just enough riding, fishing and catching. Most of the fish we catch on these short trips like Red Snapper, have to be be released. You can keep King and Spanish Mackerel. You also need to ask for our game fish seasoning. It is the biggest hit of the summer and people are slapping the roof of their mouths to get some. So come on down to Alabama’s Gulf Coast and book a fishing charter with America’s Favorite Family Fishing Boat, The Distraction.