The fish were on fire today!!!!

The fish were on fire today. It seemed like every time we dropped a bait, we got a hit. The approaching cold front that stretched from South Texas all the way up into Illinois caused a Southeast wind to blow 15 to 20 mph. The seas kicked up to three to four feet and we encountered whitecaps all day. The area of low pressure centered over us has caused the fish to feed. I have seen this for over 30 years. The low pressure brought the fish up in the water and the bite was great. A cold front tends to push the fish down toward the bottom and the bite slows down. We took advantage of the low pressure and the aggressive bite today. The group we had today were from North Alabama. Patrick who is a regular with us brought his friends and fellow co-workers for a deep sea fishing adventure. When we made our first drop, we started catching Red Porgy’s. We call them White Snapper. The size ranged from 10 to 14 inches. We also caught Vermilion Snappers. We caught a few Red Snapper but we vented and released them. We decided to go and try to catch a Greater Amberjack. We went to a reef where I thought they would be. It was amazing. The fish were high in the water. We dropped a Diamond Jig down about 40 feet and began jigging. We may have jigged four times and we got our first strike. It was a nice 31″ Amberjack. We ended up catching one for each person on the boat. These are one of the hardest fighting fish in the Gulf of Mexico. All of the guys took turns catching one. We really enjoyed fishing with Patrick and his friends.