About Fishing in Orange Beach with Distraction Charters

catching a big wahoo fish

Catching a big Wahoo is always a possibility while deep sea fishing in Orange Beach.

We are known as “Encouragers.” The families who choose our service and fish with us, love how we treat them.  That’s because we are honest about what to expect on your first fishing adventure.  We actually love our customers and we show it the whole time you are with us.   We know that we have only one chance to make a good impression and we promise to do all we can to calm your anxieties about going deep sea fishing, so you can enjoy your offshore fishing adventure.

Why We Do What We Do For Families and First Time Anglers

Back in 2002, we started Distraction Charters with a vision.  A vision that included offering something unheard of in the charter fishing industry.  Our vision was to inspire people young and old to pursue their dreams.  After  recognizing that charter fishing was a service industry and not a fish kill or production industry, our perspective changed about what deep sea fishing could be like if someone from the outside came in and added a different perspective.  Since the beginning, we focused on taking families and first timers deep sea fishing and allowing them to experience the many wonders that life offers.  We felt that it was important that everyone, regardless of age, sex or fishing experience, should be able to enjoy deep sea fishing and all that it encompasses, without fear of being a failure or feeling the rejection by their captain or crew if they made a mistake or lost a trophy fish.   We made it OK to return to the dock without having killed a bunch of fish that will get frozen, freezer burned and eventually thrown out in the trash because the food quality is gone in the product.

What we really wanted to do, is give the average person a chance to catch a trophy fish on their first offshore adventure.

We are responsible fishing guides who are conservationists.   We don’t have to come home with a cooler full of fish and beat our chests saying “look what we killed” in order to be successful.   We became strong advocates of conservation and encourage our guest to “keep the best and release the rest.”  We decided to specialize in family, first time and novice deep sea fishing, and not try to be everything to everyone.

We now only offer two 6 hour trips per day during the summer months from May to September.  During the off season months (September to May), we offer a four hour trolling trip and an occasional full day trip for those who want a little less, or a little more out of their fishing charter.  In addition to becoming highly specialized in family fishing, we added an educational aspect that teaches your family about the fish species, how to use light tackle and learn how to catch fish.  We even teach you some things about the fish species you are catching.   Sometimes, we even have real scientists on board conducting experiments so we can better understand our marine environment.

Because we are not hard core fishermen or meat hunters, whose sole mission is to fish for and keep limits, we give you opportunity to spend time with us and ensure you get the service that you deserve.  We are laid back anglers who’s purpose is to keep the rods bent and your family reeling in sights, sounds and experiences.

First In Gulf of Mexico Fishery Conservation

big red snapper

With a little skill, luck and a good bite, you can have your chance to catch a trophy red snapper like this one that weighed 29 pounds.   This is a big egg producer and this fish lays 1000 times more eggs than 16″ red snapper.  If in season, you can keep it if you want too, but the food quality is not near as good as smaller fish of the same species.

We were the first offshore charter boat to promote conservation and encourage our customers to take only what they need, instead of what they can.  We also hire the best mates who share our vision about customer service and conservation.  We dock at the most professionally run and finest marina in Orange Beach.

Each day, when we back into the dock, jaws drop, and satisfaction is seen in every direction, because our customers know we have given them our best.  Nobody in the fishing business fully understands how we back in to the dock every day with only a few fish for dinner (some days we have no fish), and they see our customers smiling from ear to ear.  Other captains call us the Worst Fishermen in the industry because we don’t have to fill the cooler like they do in order to stay in business. That is because the people we take fishing, their motivation for fishing is not like other people.  Our customers are the best.  They are accountable, responsible and conservative people who understand the importance of why they should leave some fish in the water, so future generations will have something to catch.   Filling the cooler full of dead fish is not how our customers measure satisfaction, or the return on their investment.   They measure their success by making sure everyone has a great experience.  Sure, our customers like to eat fish and so do we.  But we remember those tough years when there were hardly any fish to catch and don’t want to go back there again.  By taking only what we need each trip, ensures that future generations will have something to catch.

Our customers are like us.  They value life experiences greater than anything else. Our vision is now a reality and our way of fishing has become very popular among families. Our new style of charter fishing has turned the corner, and has become a preferred activity for families who vacation on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

When you choose Distraction, you get so much more out of your fishing experience.  Our charter guides are men of faith, competent, knowledgeable, safe, drug & alcohol free, non-smokers, laid back and really care if your fishing deep sea fishing trip is special.  Your family will be safe at all times and be in a professional environment.

Parents and Grandparents Love What We Do For Them

Whether you are parents,  first timers, have small kids or are involved grandparents, you will find something uniquely impressive when you allow us to custom tailor a deep sea fishing trip that is just right for you.  Our guests have the opportunity to get involved at any level they choose and will learn something new about deep sea fishing in Orange Beach that you never knew existed.  Being parents and grandparents, we want everyone to experience deep sea fishing.  We especially encourage those parents who have children or family members with special needs, to bring them with us.  We welcome them.

In addition to learning something new, your family will have a lot of fun and get a chance to catch some really nice fish using light tackle.  With fishing seasons and bag limits being reduced to just a few weeks or months on popular species like red snapper,  you may not be able to keep any of the fish you catch during certain times of the year.  That doesn’t mean you won’t catch some quality fish.  We can certainly catch a lot them and take a picture of you holding your trophy or first fish.

We expose you to deep sea fishing in Orange Beach in a way that allows you to truly absorb all of those magical moments and a world of wonder that might be missed if they were not pointed out.   There is so much more to charter fishing than just riding on a boat and filling a cooler.  Our goal is for your family and kids not to miss a thing and to catch some quality fish.

trolling fishing with mackerel

Escape Ordinary and try a different kind of fishing charter. Experience fishing with Distraction Charters

Experience fishing in Orange Beach

When it comes to chartering a boat in Orange Beach, families have a chance to  experience fishing in a way that helps you relax, rejuvenate and indulge yourself for a little while.  Even if you leave something behind,  we’ve got you covered.   We keep extra ice water (in case you run out of your own) and offer you a CD filled with professional photographs of almost every fish you catch.  You will also receive complimentary fish cleaning and bagging and a sample of our own gourmet game fish seasoning to use on the fish you take with you.

You might ask yourself, “Why does Distraction Charters offer all these things as standard service?”  It’s because we are just like you, and know how tough it is today to find quality charter fishing services that meets or exceeds our own expectations.

We offer families the same things we expect from people that we do business with.  We believe a handshake and looking someone square in the eye when you speak to them is very important.  We really appreciate hard working people and families honoring me with their business.   We want to contribute to making your fishing experience better.  Besides, if you were in the charter fishing business, you would do the same for my family.

Being a different kind of charter boat, not just another Alternative.

When deciding to take your family deep sea fishing in Orange Beach it is important to know what we are actually doing for you.  We are family fishing specialist that only offer exclusive private charters.  These trips are ideal for those who don’t want to be around a lot of people they don’t know or want to be with a professional crew.  All we do is family fishing and both the half day charters are a lot of fun.  We also have two daily departure times during the summer months on our half day trips.  This makes it ideal for those who want to sleep in or rise with the chickens.

We are good at what we do and we focus on making your families fishing trip special.  Simply put, we put others first, and it shows.   One of the biggest misconceptions people have about fishing is, they assume all charter boats are the same.  Well, all boats do have similar bells and whistles and we all catch fish; but what we really do for you is offer great service and work hard to personalize your trip so you will be enthusiastic about your adventure.  We offer a premium service that allows your family to engage at any level they choose.  We love to laugh, have fun and help you learn how to catch fish.

In addition to having a professional captain who acts more like a host and our guests get to take advantage of many services we provide.  These services include professional photography and video of your trip, a laid back atmosphere,  use some incredible light tackle gear and we take you to fish on reefs that we only know about where you will have a chance to catch bigger fish.   We calm any anxieties you may have about bringing the kids fishing so you can just sit back and enjoy your trip.   There is nothing we love more than seeing a family spend time together and share some really neat experiences.   In the end, you get a trip that is a unique experience and gives you a better return on your investment.

How we custom tailor your fishing trip

fishing for mahi mahi in orange beach

Imagine Catching Mahi-Mahi while you are fishing in Orange Beach

When deciding to book a fishing trip for your family or for your kids, it is important to include as much information you can on the reservation form so I can see how I need to start custom tailoring your trip. In addition to basic personal information, we have a space where we ask you to “tell us what you expect to get out of this trip.” This is the space that allows you an opportunity to tell us what you would like to get out of this experience or address any concerns you might have.  This field is an opportunity to tell us what you are thinking or to explain what you want out of the fishing trip.  I read everyone of them and use them to help prescribe a custom trip that is unique to your family or group.   Personalized service comes standard on our trips and best of all, we will call each of you by your name.

Your fishing trip options and choices in Orange Beach

When it comes to fishing in Orange Beach,  you will love our most popular half day deep sea fishing trip. This fishing trip takes you offshore where everyone fishes at the same time. That is called bottom fishing.   We teach you how to fish using different styles and methods that a half day trip doesn’t give us time to do.

Our most popular departure time is the morning trip, but there are some families with teenagers who prefer to sleep in and take the afternoon trip.

Imagine finding a fishing trip that is just right for you and your family

reeling in a big fish

Come on and Indulge Yourself by fishing with us. Besides, Don’t you deserve it?

Imagine finding an expert captain and a professional crew in Orange Beach who actually cares about your family having a good experience; one who listens to your concerns and actually hears you all the time. Imagine finding a charter boat that offers a hassle-free and easy step by step reservations process and doesn’t require a 50% up front deposit. Imagine finding a guide that has a can do spirit, offers personalized service, is laid back and enjoys watching families with kids, catch fish. Imagine a charter that offers a “G” rated atmosphere that is always safe for families and kids. Imagine how happy your family will be for choosing a fishing experience that is fun, entertaining, full of action and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Leading The Next Generation Of Charter Fishermen

Since early childhood, we dreamed how if we had our own charter boat, we would do things differently.   Judging from our own past charter fishing experiences dating back as far as the early 1970’s, this gave us an opportunity to capitalize on and blaze our own trail  by offering value added services to you.  Over the years we made mistake, but we learned from them and made an effort to change.  Instead of fighting “the way it has always been done”, we evolved, grew and have now grown our small business into one of the most successful charter operations around.  We did this by communicating with our guests and heard what they were saying.  By doing so, we began offering families something uniquely different than any other charter company around.  We became the first of what is known now as The Next Generation of Charter Fishermen.  We are caring, considerate, responsible and an accountable operation.  We created a company that attracts like minded anglers, who really care about their family having a good first experience.

You will be extremely pleased at how gentle and professional we are with your family and children.  When you choose one of our exclusively private fishing charters in Orange Beach, Alabama, you and only your family or group will be on the boat except for our professionally staffed captain and crew.

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